Current Affairs 2020 for Bank Exams, Daily GK Updates

| Updated On March 30th, 2020 at 08:33 pm

Current Affairs in the form of contemporary events of national & international play a crucial role in almost every competitive exam lik Banking, Insurance, SSC, Railway etc. Current Affairs is the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and needs to be prepared from the right source.
Current Affairs are asked from various dimensions like National News, International News, State News, Sports, Awards, Summits, Schemes, Books & Authors, Ranks & Reports, Important Days, Economy, Defence, Science & Technology etc.

Current Affairs 2020 & Daily GK Updates

Q1 Is there any specific website of ADDA247 completely dedicated for Current Affairs?
Q2 What is Daily GK Update?
Q3 What is Weekly-one-liner?
Q4 What is “The Hindu Review”?
Q5 What is GA Power Capsule?

Bankersadda provides you the best compilation of daily, weekly and monthly Current Affairs in the form of Daily GK Update, Weekly One-Liners, and The Hindu Review. 

FAQ- Current Affairs 2020 

Question 1: Is there any specific website of ADDA247 completely dedicated for Current Affairs?
Answer: Yes! you can follow for daily news. Learn Current Affairs category-wise.

Question 2What is Daily GK Update?
Daily GK Update is a complication of all the Current Affairs news of a particular day. Daily GK Update incorporates the headlines of a particular day. It is the complete bag of the important news that held all day long.

Question 3: What is Weekly-one-liner?
The Current Affairs Weekly-one-liner is a PDF document which incorporates currents affairs of the whole week in a systematic manner. To ease your revision, the current affairs sorted category-wise.

Question 4: What is “The Hindu Review”?
Answer: The Hindu Review is a monthly complication of contemporary events in the form of Current Affairs. It is generally released in two parts i.e. part I & part II.

Question 5: What is GA Power Capsule?
Answer: The GA Power Capsule is a special edition of Current Affairs which includes contemporary events of National & International importance (4-6 months). It is generally published 7-10 days before a major examination like IBPS PO mains, SBI PO mains, SBI Clerk Mains, IBPS Clerk Mains etc.

Current Affairs 2020: Month-wise

Current Affairs 2019: Month-wise