Monday, 9 May 2016

English Quiz For SBI Exam 2016

Directions: Find out the error in each of the following sentences, if any. If there is no error, the answer is ‘E’. 

1.In spite of facing much problems, he did not desert the path of honesty.
(a) In spite of facing 
(b) much problems, he did not 
(c) desert the path 
(d) of honesty 
(e) No Error  

2.Can you tell me how many eggs and milk he has brought home?
(a) Can you tell me how
(b) many eggs and 
(c) milk he has brought 
(d) home? 
(e) No Error 

3.Delhi is further from Patna than Kolkata. 
(a) Delhi is 
(b) further from 
(c) Patna than 
(d) Kolkata
(e) No Error 

4.Of the two players, he is the luckiest, be sure.
(a) Of the two 
(b) players, he 
(c) is the luckiest,
(d) be sure.
(e) No Error 

5.You can trust this agency for the last news of this week.
(a) You can trust
(b) this agency 
(c) for the last news 
(d) of this week 
(e) No Error 

6.Now-a-days, the weather is getting cold and colder.
(a) Now-a-days, 
(b) the weather 
(c) is getting cold and 
(d) colder
(e) No Error 

7.This photograph was comparatively better than that which he had kept in his purse.
(a) This photograph 
(b) was comparatively better 
(c)than that which he had kept  
(d) in his purse.  
(e) No Error 

8.India is better than most others film producing countries of the world. 
(a) India is 
(b) better than most others 
(c) film producing countries 
(d) of the world. 
(e) No Error

9.He felt happily to learn that his younger brother had got a prestigious job in he Bank.
(a) He felt happily 
(b) to learn that his 
(c)younger brother had got  
(d) a prestigious job in the Bank.
(e) No Error 

10.The Principal has great power of making some useful plans but the professors have even greatest ability to foil them.
(a) The Principal has great power 
(b) of making some useful 
(c) plans but the professors 
(d) have even greatest ability to foil them. 
(e) No Error 

Directions (11-15): In the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

(a) reasonable
(b) practical
(c) repulsive
(d) faulty
(e) nemesis

(a) harmless
(b) decent
(c) cheerful
(d) unusual
(e faithful

(a) condemn
(b) conspicuous
(c) unfavorable
(d) spicy
(e) despicable

(a) commendable
(b) negligible
(c) admirable
(d) praiseworthy
(e) blameful

(a) effervescence
(b) mobile
(d) inertia
(e) flamboyance

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