Adda 247 5.0.0 : Better design, more quizzes, more powerful

Dear readers,

We are pleased to inform you that new version of our android app Adda 247 is out! We would like to thank each of you for making Adda 247 as the best educational app in the segment.

The new version of Adda 247 (V5.0.0) contains following enhancements -

  • A new section on Mega Quizzes
  • Hamburger menu + filters for every section accessible from hamburger
  • Bookmarks across sections (Current affairs, articles, quiz, job alerts)
  • Earn reward points for referring users and attempting quizzes. Unlock mega quizzes with the reward points.
  • Tablet compatibility (users unable to download on tablet)
  • Faster content download: HTTP call for all S3 content to fix content not showing issue for users with SSL issues.
Your love motivate us to do better each day! Keep learning and keep growing. Feel free to share any feedback about our app on