Computer Quiz For SBI/IBPS Exam

1. Which of the following displays the contents of the active cell?
Active cell
Formula bar
Menu bar
Name box
None of the above

2. How many kilobytes make a megabyte?

3. Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data/information?
Floppy diskette
Hard disk
Permanent disk
Optical disk
None of the above

4. What type of program lets you produce professional-looking documents containing both text and graphics?
A page composer
A thesaurus
A speller checker
A desktop publisher
None of the above

5. Which of the Following is not a non-impact printer?
Thermal printer
Daisy Wheel Printer
Laser printer
Dot-matrix printer
All of the above

6. In MS Word what happens if you press Ctrl + Shift + F8?
It activates extended selection
It activates the rectangular selection
It selects the paragraph on which the insertion line is.
None of above
All the above

7. Which among the following languages is most popular for scientific work?
None of the above

8. The overall design, construction, organization and interconnecting of the various components of a computer system is referred as _________.
Computer Architecture
Computer Flowchart
Computer Algorithm
All of the above
None of the above

9._______ Devices accept the spoken word through a microphone and convert it into binary code that can be understood by the computer.
Speech recognition
Handwriting recognition
All of the above
None of the above

10. What is the technique to implement virtual memory where memory is divided into units of fixed size memory is called?
All of the above
None of the above