Banking and Financial Awareness for SBI / IBPS Exams

1. Fiscal deficit is?
Total income less Govt. borrowing
Total payments less total receipts
Total payments less capital receipts
Total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowing

2. In the capital market, the term arbitrage is used with reference to?
Purchase of securities to cover the sale
Sale of securities to reduce the loss on purchase
Simultaneous purchase and sale of securities to make profits from price
All of the above

3. The stance of RBI monetary policy is?
Inflation control with adequate liquidity for growth
Improving credit quality of the Banks
Strengthening credit delivery mechanism
All of the above

4. Currency Swap is an instrument to manage?
Currency risk
Interest rate risk
Currency and interest rate risk
Cash flows in different currency

5. “Sub-prime” refers to?
Lending done by banks at rates below PLR
Funds raised by the banks at sub-Libor Rates
Group of banks which are not rates as prime banks as per Banker’s Almanac
Lending done by financing institutions including banks to customers not meeting with normally required credit appraisal standards

6. Euro Bond is an instrument?
Issued in the European market
Issued in Euro currency
Is a bond denominated in a currency not native to the issuer's home country
All of the above

7. Money laundering normally involves?
Placement of funds
Layering of funds
Integrating of funds
All of the above

8. The IMF and the World Bank were conceived as institutions to?
Strengthening international economic co-operations and to help create a more stable and     prosperous global economy
IMF promotes international monetary cooperation
The World Bank promotes long term economic development and poverty reduction
All of the bove

9. Capital Market Regulator is?

10. FDI refers to?
Fixed Deposit Interest
Fixed Deposit Investment
Foreign Direct Investment
Future Derivative Investment