Wednesday, 13 July 2016

SBI PO Mains: 20-20 GK Capsule Quiz (RBI and Money/Capital Market)

Dear BA'ians, 

We hope all of you must be prepared by now for the most awaiting "Quiz" based on GK Power Capsule. As notified, topic of Quiz is based on "RBI Functions and Money/Capital Market" section from the Capsule. 

So, lets come and start the 20-20 Quiz. 

1. Who issues the One rupee note?
Answer: Central Govt.

2. One rupee note is signed by _________ ?
Answer: Finance Secretary

3. Foreign exchange transactions under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is regulated by _______ ?
Answer: RBI

4. The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935 in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.Who is the first Governor of  RBI?
Answer: Osborne Smith

5. What is the Current Repo rate and Reverse Rep Rate respectively?
Answer: 6.50% and 6.00%

6. WHat is the Minimum age to open a bank account?
Answer: 10 years

7. Which rate is the short term borrowing rate at which RBI borrows money from banks?
Answer: Reverse Repo Rate

8. Which committee decided that Banks can switch over to the base rate?
Answer: Deepak Mohanty committee

9. Government and it set up which Group in 1975. On the basis of this committee’s recommendations, a Regional Rural Banks Ordinance was promulgated in September 1975, which was replaced by the Regional Rural Banks Act 1976?
Answer: Narasimham Working Group

10. What is the maximum period for loan as per the scheme formulated by National Housing Bank (NHB)?
Answer: 15 years

11. Financial markets for the buying and selling of long-term debt or equity-backed securities is called?
Answer: Capital Market

12. What is the period for Notice Money?
Answer: 2-14 days

13. SARFAESI Act is an Indian law .It allows banks and other financial institution to auction residential or commercial properties to recover loans. In SARFAESI, F stands for?
Answer: Financial

14. Which securities are zero coupon securities?
Answer: Treasury bills 

15. What is the maximum tenure for Cash Management bills?
Answer. 91 days

16. Which Bank has reported the largest net loss of Rs. 5,367.14 cr. for 4th quarter. This is the biggest quarterly loss?
Answer. Punjab National Bank

17. What is the maximum tenure for Dated securities?
Answer: 91 days

18. What we called bonds as issued for rupee-denominated borrowings by Indian entities in overseas markets?
Answer: Masala Bonds

19. What is the minimum amount of investment in Inflation indexed bonds?
Answer. Rs. 10,000

20. Which market deals at Stock exchange?
Answer. Capital Market.

All the very best dear BA'ians for SBI PO Mains!!

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