Nita Ambani In IOC: A Moment Of Pride!

Dear Readers,

It's a moment of pride and joy for all of us that The First Lady Of Indian Business 'Nita Ambani' has been elected as an individual member of prestigious body which governs Olympic sports in the world - 'International Olympics Committee'. And with this she became the first Indian woman member of International Olympics Committee. She is the only individual member from India and her appointment at the world body is until she attains the age of 70.

The eight new members bring the total number of IOC members to 98.

In a country where billionaire wives tend to remain in the shadow of their husbands, Nita’s rising profile in the Reliance empire is unusual and earns her a debut spot on our Power Businesswomen ranking this year.

In the words of Nita Ambani:

"This is a recognition of the growing importance of India in the world stage and a recognition for Indian women"

Nita proves that a dedicated learning at every stage of life and honestly doing your job takes you to the great heights in life. Today also she says “I’m more motivated than ever before, but I’m still learning.”

Nita is a person who has her feet on earth even while flying in skies. It was not like being the wife of the India's richest person since ever. And even after being the daughter in law of Dhirubhai Ambani, Neeta started her first school in a rural area and she taught the primary level students at first. Then and also now, she personally keeps an eye on each and every activity going on in her business. 

Nita has been steering initiatives in the area of education, sports, health and art and culture as well. She has been involved in promoting multiple sports in the country with focus on developing talent through a number of large-scale grassroots initiatives. The grassroots programmes that she has initiated have reached out to over 3 million children in multiple sports.

If we peep into the personal life of Nita Ambani, she used to perform Bharatnatyam at various stages throughout Gujarat. In one of her many performances, Dhiru Bhai saw Nita dancing. He was impressed with scintillating performances of Nita. She was not only dancing perfectly, but Dhiru Bhai also noticed an amazing beauty coupled with Indian tradition in her. So, he took all the details of Nita from the organisers and called at her home. Fortunately it was Nita only who picked the call, and upon hearing that Dhirubhai Ambani is taking from the other side, she thought that as a prank by some and instantly replied that she is none other than Elizabeth Taylor. Afterwards, her father recognized the voice of Dhirubhai Ambani and Dhiru Bhai asked Nita about many things, including education, hobbies and cooking skills, among others. Then, he invited her to come to his home. And hence the matter proceeded further regarding her marriage with Mukesh Ambani.

In an interview with the reporter she told that she was studying to be a lawyer, but in the meanwhile her father-in-law fell ill and she gave it up in order to care for him.  

The incidence shows that 'God's plan are better than ours, we just need to perform our duties honestly, be a good human being and keep working hard in a good direction'

Apart from the being the owner and being the member of so many prestigious organisations, Nita Ambani engages herself in Social Work also. Nita Ambani is the pioneer of Reliance Foundation which is the corporate social responsibility division of Reliance Industries who are doing big time through out the country. Reliance foundation is very much involved into enhancing the livelihood of a large backward section of the society and upliftment of rural areas.

Recently she has started a new venture i.e. “Reliance Drishti” a Braille newspaper in Hindi. They aim to reach out 20,000 readers across 300 institutes. This newspaper will be distributed free of cost. She has help many indian through reliance foundation. She is also a strong supporter for women empowerment. She knows how to utilize the power of money for the right use. 

Even after working for more than 12 hours a day she never show her tiredness. In fact she says "It has been a long day, “But I love what I do. I am passionate about all the things we are doing and it drives me at 6.30 in the morning to the school or a drive to one of the villages and stay there" She adds "It is all about a mindset change. You can do a lot of good even if you don’t have a lot of wealth. But when you have the wealth, it helps you to do better. And wherever there is a need, we would"

Following thought of Nita Ambani can change the life of many if they make it a part of their life. It is,

‘Let your work talk’

So, work in a way that when your words finished, you work talks. And never delve yourself into the things which can neither useful to you nor society.


Sir Dorabji Tata was the first person to represent India in the IOC. Raja Randhir Singh is currently holding the post of an honorary member after serving the international body from 2000-2014.