Friday, 9 September 2016

Night Class: English Quiz for IBPS/BOB Exam

Directions (1-15): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are five sets of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1. While the delegate clearly sought to _______ the optimism that has emerged recently, she stopped short of suggesting that the conference was near collapse and might produce nothing of significance.

(a) substantiate
(b) dampen
(c) encourage
(d) rekindle
(e) dormant

Q2. The old man could not have been accused of _________ his affection; his conduct toward the child betrayed his __________ her.
(a) lavishing, fondness for
(b) sparing, tolerance of
(c) rationing, antipathy for
(d) stinting, adoration
(e) attracted, evicted

Q3. A leading chemist believes that many scientists have difficulty with stereochemistry because much of the relevant nomenclature is ____________, in that it combines concepts that should be kept __________
(a) obscure, interrelated
(b) specialized, intact
(c) subtle, inviolate
(d) imprecise, discrete
(e) dreary, exasperate

Q4. Among the many _________ of the project, expense cannot be numbered; the goals of the project's promoters can be achieved with impressive ___________.
(a) highlights, efficiency
(b) features, savings
(c) disadvantages, innovation
(d) defects, economy
(e) introducing, talking

Q5. Social scientists have established fairly clear-cut _________ that describe the appropriate behaviour of children and adults, but there seems to be _______ about what constitutes appropriate behaviour for adolescents.
(a) functions, rigidity
(b) estimates, indirectness
(c) norms, confusion
(d) regulations, certainty
(e) registration, evoked

Q6. As long as nations cannot themselves accumulate enough physical power to dominate all others, they must depend on  _______.
(a) allies
(b) resources
(c) freedom
(d) education
(e) skilled

Q7. Although Mount Saint Helens has been more _________ during the last 4,500 years than any other volcano in the coterminous United States, its long dormancy before its recent eruption _____________  its violent nature.
(a) awe-inspiring, restrained
(b) gaseous, confirmed
(c) explosive, belied
(d) familiar, moderated
(e) attracted, dissipated 

Q8. Changes of fashion and public taste are often _________ and resistant to analysis, and yet they are among the most _____________ gauges of the state of the public's collective consciousness.
(a) transparent, useful
(b) ephemeral, sensitive
(c) faddish, underutilized
(d) arbitrary, problematic
(e) predilection, despair

Q9. Heavily perfumed white flowers, such as gardenias, were favorites with collectors in the eighteenth century, when ________ was valued much more highly than it is today.
(a) scent
(b) beauty
(c) elegance
(d) colour
(e) negligence

Q10. Dependence on foreign sources of heavy metals, though ________, remains ___________ for United States foreign policy.
(a) deepening, a challenge
(b) diminishing, a problem
(c) excessive, a dilemma
(d) debilitating, an embarrassment
(e) variegated, annihilate

Q11. The first round of the contest had the students ________ themselves and _______ about their hobbies.
(a) introducing, talking
(b) sensitizing, sketching
(c) showcasing, planning
(d) acclimatizing, mentioning
(e) features, savings

Q12. The varsity's poll process for ________ of new candidates has __________ poor response with only ten thousand applications being received till date.
(a) entrusting, seen
(b) registration, evoked
(c) entrance, made
(d) admission, made
(e) functions, rigidity

Q13. The organization takes its cue from the person on the top. I always told our business leaders their personal   __________ determined their organization’s ___________.
(a) serendipity, faux pas
(b) predilection, despair
(c) intensity, success
(d) oddity, conformity
(e) faddish, underutilized

Q14. The Himalayas ran from east to west and cut off the cold winds from the north. This allowed agriculture to prosper and __________ wealth, but it also __________ barbarian invaders from the north.
(a) attracted, dissipated
(b) created, attracted
(c) created, restricted
(d) attracted, evicted
(e) awe-inspiring, restrained

Q15. Our ____________ diversity may also be of some value. Because we have always learned to live with pluralism, it is possible that we may be better prepared to ________ the diversity of global economy.

(a) stupefying, negotiate
(b) plural, alleviate
(c) variegated, annihilate
(d) dreary, exasperate
(e) deepening, a challenge

S1. Ans.(b) 
Sol. dampen-make less strong or intense.

S2. Ans.(d) 
Sol. stinting, adoration fit in the context correctly.

S3. Ans.(d) 
Sol. imprecise, discrete fit in the context correctly.

S4. Ans.(d) 
Sol. defects, economy fit in the context correctly.

S5. Ans.(c) 
Sol. norms, confusion fit in the context correctly.

S6. Ans.(a) 
Sol. allies-combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.

S7. Ans.(c) 
Sol. explosive, belied fit in the context correctly.

S8. Ans.(b) 
Sol. ephemeral, sensitive fit in the context correctly.

S9. Ans.(a) 
Sol. Scent -fits in the context correctly.

S10. Ans.(b) 
Sol.  diminishing, a problem fits in the context correctly.

S11. Ans.(a) 
Sol.  introducing, talking fits in the context correctly.

S12. Ans.(b) 
Sol.  registration, evoked fits in the context correctly.

S13. Ans.(c) 
Sol.  intensity, success fits in the context correctly.

S14. Ans.(b) 
Sol.  created, attracted fits in the context correctly.

S15. Ans.(a) 
Sol.  stupefying, negotiate fits in the context correctly.


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