Thursday, 20 October 2016

Which Test Series to prefer for IBPS PO Mains?

Dear Students,

“Don’t get left behind, set your sights on IBPS PO Mains Now”

Yes students you got it right seeing the SBI PO Mains 2016, you all have to understand that now, to get  through the IBPS Mains is not that easy. You can’t say “ho jaaega”, “kar lenge” etc. etc. etc. It’s time to sharpen your blades to get ready for the real challenge, like the saying is ‘karo or maro’ – ‘do or die’ -the decisive time for your career. So what is your take? Are you practicing the right way? If you are not then you should start and with the right practice you can overcome the toughest of challenges.

Don’t take chances this season, its preparation and exam time for every banking aspirant. Yes, it’s high time that you all should take your career seriously and you should divert your energy and efforts towards grabbing every opportunity in your way which could help you achieve your goal. And right here with this there comes a need for the right way of practicing and the question of choice of Test Series. This question arises in many aspirants’ mind that what should they do before exam to have a full proof preparation to crack the exam? 

Most students struggle with time and topic management. Yes this is the brutal reality that you might grab good command on subjects, you may be able to solve toughest of questions and puzzles, But are you solving them in the just right amount of time?  Time and Topic Management is the real game changer of every bank exam. As we’ve seen in SBI PO Mains, which has unarguably raised the bar for every banking exam, there many students struggled with the time and topic management. Some got struck in puzzles or other tough question, some lost their nerve and just panicked and some wonder how and which question to attempt first to clear the cut off. Now after SBI it is again exam time, and you all certainly do not wish to wonder what to do on the day of IBPS PO Mains. 

The best way to master this art of time and topic management is by taking test of difficult level and same pattern as that of the examination, and you can do so by Test Series. Yes, it’s important to give take that exam of test series before going to the real face off. You should not only take a test but after that most importantly analyse your score and weakness. Analyse how can you improve your score, see if there is a better way of solving a question in the solutions and make a plan of how you’ll attempt the question to optimize your time. And yes for this there comes a question of what test series you should choose?

You need to be aware if the Test Series that you have availed is in accordance with the latest pattern and level of the examination that you are appearing in. The level of IBPS PO Exam was totally different 4 years back, there is no point in practicing in that old way and pattern. Next is the solution, yes, just attempting a test for practice sake won’t do you any good. You must see if the test series you’ve availed has 100% solutions for all the questions, so that you can analyse your way of attempting a question and find out if there is a better way to solve it. And most importantly, the test series you’ve availed should give you test in the  latest panel and pattern in which you’ll attempt the actual exam on ‘The day of face off’, becoming aware of the panel and pattern can be really helpful for you in the actual examination.

Its important that now you understand this is the time for you don’t wait for the IBPS PO Pre result, don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen. Prepare NOW for IBPS PO Mains.

And here bankersadda and ADDA247 in association with Career Power brings you The Challengers Test Series for IBPS PO Mains. Yes, we give you all that you need to crack IBPS PO Mains Exam. This Challengers Test Series is made keeping in mind the level SBI PO Mains has set for bank exams, yes, you’ll have the toughest of questions so that there is not even a notch left in your practice.  

It has toughest questions for your practice and with 100% solutions so that you can analyses your result and with solutions you can find a better way of solving a question. So no excuses for yourself this time….You have the opportunity…make the most out of it… this time it should be your ultimate aim to get through IBPS PO Mains examination with flying colours.

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