Current Affairs Questions for SBI PO Mains: 17th May 2017

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Welcome to the world of Current Affairs 2017. With SBI PO Mains and BOB PO, Dena Bank PO, round the corner, it should be your priority to cover every aspect of Current Affairs on a daily basis so that you can do well in Mains exam. These current affairs are based on current news. Let us see how many questions you attempt accurately.

Q1. India and which one of the following countries has agreed to sign an MoU in the urban transport sector for cooperation in policy planning, technology transfer and institutional organisation?
(a) Palestine
(b) Austria
(c) Rwanda
(d) UK
(e) France

Q2. The International Day of Families is observed every year on ________.
(a) 12 May
(b) 15 May
(c) 17 May
(d) 16 May
(e) 14 May

Q3. HDFC Life has entered into a bancassurance tie-up with which of the following bank to distribute its individual life insurance products to the private lender’s customers.
(a) Catholic Syrian Bank
(b) ESAF Small Finance Bank
(c) KarurVysya Bank
(d) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(e) Nainital Bank

Q4. ‘Maa committee’ has been recently formed in which of the following state that will now keep an eye on mid-day meals served to students in state-run primary schools to ensure that they get nutritious food prepared in hygienic conditions?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Bihar
(e) Uttarakhand

Q5. The expanded Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) between India and which country has come into effect recently according to which both the countries have offered to lower or eliminate duties on a number of items traded with each other?
(a) Palestine
(b) UK
(c) Chile
(d) USA
(e) China

Q6. Name the newly-elected Prime Minister of France.
(a) Emmanuel Macron
(b) Bernard Cazeneuve
(c) Manuel Valls
(d) Jean-Marc Ayrault
(e) Edouard Philippe

Q7. In a survey conducted during March and April 2017, FICCI predicted India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth will be around ________ for fiscal 2017-18.
(a) 7.0%
(b) 7.1%
(c) 7.3%
(d) 7.4%
(e) 7.5%

Q8. Chief Minister of which of the following states has been conferred with the first Bhairon Singh Shekhawat Lifetime Achievement Honour in Public Service, recently?
(a) Manipur
(b) Sikkim
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Andhra Pradesh
(e) Madhya Pradesh

Q9. Name the scientist who has been awarded the prestigious Indian National Science Academy (INSA) medal in the Young Scientist category for 2017.
(a) Manoj Kumar Sundar
(b) VinaySehgal
(c) Aravind Kumar Rengan
(d) Ashok Benegal
(e) Randhir Bashir

Q10. What is the theme of the International Day of Families 2017?
(a) Stand tall for your Family
(b) The Cosmopolitan World
(c) Families, education and well-being
(d) Make a new Family, The World
(e) None of the given themes is true

Q11. Prime Minister NarendraModi launched the ‘Narmada Seva Mission’ for the conservation of the crucial river, which is a lifeline of Madhya Pradesh. The Narmada River originates from _____________.
(a) Aravalli Hills
(b) Shivalik Hills
(c) Anamalai Hills
(d) Maikal hills
(e) Biligiriranga Hills

Q12. Former Chief Minister S Ramassamy died recentlyafter a brief illness. He was former CM of _______________.
(a) Sikkim
(b) Manipur
(c) Puducherry
(d) Meghalaya
(e) Tripura

Q13. Which of the following young driver has created history by becoming the first Indian driver to win a GP3 race?
(a) Kabir Khan
(b) ArjunMaini
(c) IshantRajveer
(d) Kamal Kumar Saha
(e) ParvarRajan

Q14. ___________ is a kind of cyber-attack that involves hackers taking control of a computer system and blocking access to it until a certain amount of money is paid.
(a) Network  
(b) Worm 
(c) Pirated Software 
(e) Encryption

Q15. In a survey conducted during March and April 2017, FICCI predicted India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth. What does 'CC' mean in FICCI?
(a) Chambers of Conclusion
(b) Chambers of Committee
(c) Chambers of Commerce
(d) Chambers of Conference
(e) Chambers of Constitution


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