Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

In a certain code language, “only in serial order” is written as “ve pu na to”, “order in the state” is written as “li ve su pu”, “the logical idea only” is written as “su na ri jo” and “in idea or theory” is written as “zt jo bk pu”

1. Which of the following is the code of ‘Theory’?
(1) zt
(2) bk
(3) jo
(4) pu
(5) either ‘zt’ or ‘bk’

A brief about Budget..!!

Circa, 1760, the chancellor in England would carry the statement of government finances to the House of Commons in a leather bag. The French word for such a leather bag is “bougette” which became budget in English. Thus the Chancellor would present the “budget” in house of commons.

In India, it is the finance minister who presents the Union Budget in parliament on the last working day of February. The fiscal year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31. The government has to operationalize the budget from April 1. However, before that happens, it has to get the budget approved by Parliament. The Railway Budget is presented separately.

Success Stories of BA readers

Dear readers, since SBI Clerical final result has been declared, we have received lot of success stories from many of our readers. But, due to restrictions on the number of posts & types of posts on bankersadda, sometime we are not able to post all success stories on bankersadda.

Daily GK Update - 27th February 2015

1. Economic Survey 2015: Highlights
i. The Economic Survey, prepared by the finance ministry's chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian, was tabled in the Lok Sabha.
ii. India’s economic survey pegged growth at more than 8 per cent for the next fiscal and said inflation was now declining, while also setting the agenda for reforms needed to further drive the expansion, prune wasteful expenditure and promote productive investment.

Following are the highlights of the survey:
  • Double digit economic growth trajectory now a possibility
  • Government will adhere to fiscal deficit target of 4.1% of GDP in 2014-15
  • Economic Survey says estimates current account deficit to fall to 1 pct of GDP in coming fiscal year​

Quiz: Reading Comprehension

How To Milk The Mauka - Chidanand Rajghatta

Making the most of Indian multitudes from Madison Square Garden to Melbourne Cricket Ground
The Indian moveable feast is spreading world wide. From Madison Square Garden in the US to Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia, Indian throngs now express themselves in a medley of noise and colour, signalling their arrival as an exuberant force that provides ballast to their country's growing international profile generated by domestic growth. It is a magnificent sight, impressing host countries and influencing their outlook of India in ways not seen before.

Economic Survey

India can increase investments without borrowing more, a key government report said on Friday, in an indication that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will stick to debt targets in his maiden full-year budget on Saturday.

The economic survey, the basis for Jaitley's budget for the fiscal year starting April 1, forecast the economy would grow by 8.1-8.5 percent under a new calculation method that makes India the world's top-growing big economy.

Interview Experience - Swati Gupta - IBPS Clerk

Name = Swati Gupta 
Date = 18-02-2015 
Time = 8.30AM 
Venue = PNB Circle Office, Westend Mall,Ludhiana 
Panel = 1 

Here is my interview experience!!

Syndicate Bank Result Out

Hello Readers,

Syndicate Bank announced the list of candidates provisionally selected for admission to one year PGDBF Course with institution allotted (Roll number wise).

Reasoning Quiz

1. The Reserve Bank of India has directed the banks to refuse fresh loans to major defaulters. 

Which of the following assumptions are implicit in the above statement?
(1) The banks may still give loans to the defaulters.
(2) The defaulters may repay the earlier loan to get fresh loan.
(3) The banks may recover the bad loans through such harsh measures.
(4) Both (1) and (2)
(5) Both (2) and (3)

ICICI Bank Recruitment

The most expected ICICI Bank PO Recruitment project 2015 is back again this year for its yearly batches. With qualifiers of IBPS CWE waiting for final results and allotment in PSB - ICICI bank PO programme can be treated as another chance.

General Awareness Quiz

1. Goodwill ambassador for the National games 2015 is .................
1) Dhoni
2) Sachin Tendulkar
3) Amitabh Bachhan
4) Amir Khan
5) None of these

Interview Experience - Manish Shrimal - SBI Associate PO

Hello Mam...

This is Manish Shrimal from Jaipur. First of all , I would like to Thank God for giving me this chance(SBI PO Interview) as I was not expecting to clear this exam (Though I have also cleared Sbi Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk). I am a silent follower of BA. I am totally dependent on your capsules for GA part. Your team is doing wonderful Job and I hope that you will be in Top 100 educational sites soon with the kind of work you are doing....

Daily GK Update - 26th February 2015

1. Government to give digital boost to MGNREG scheme 
i. Government will roll out a pilot project to give a digital boost to the flagship rural job scheme MNREGA in gram panchayats to ensure its better implementation through mobile monitoring system. 
ii. a total of 35,000 gram panchayats will be covered which would be given a mobile/tablet.

Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-5): Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below.

Eight people – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the centre, but not necessarily in the same order. All of them are at equidistant. Each one of them teaches different subjects viz., English, Hindi, Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry and Accounts, but not necessarily in the same order. 

Quiz: Reading Comprehension

The Revolution Begins -  Arvind Panagariya

With Finance Commission recommendations, Centre-state relations set to undergo dramatic change
Any big change requires big ideas, decisive leadership and happy coincidence of circumstances. Nothing illustrates this better than the unfolding story of cooperative federalism in India.

Career Power Hiring : Walk in Interviews

Career Power is hiring for the below positions on urgent basis -

Railway Budget Live

Here we are posting the live proceedings of the Rail Budget presented by the new Rail minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu. Follow us and Keep refreshing for more updates.
  • Revamp of Railway Staff Quarters and RPF barracks.
  • Rs.2000 cr for Coastal Connectivity Program; Rs.2500 cr through BOT/Annuity route. 1000 MWSolar plant; 100DEMUs to dual fuel
  • Setting up ‘Kayakalp’ to help in Technology Upgradation.
  • Decentralise, deregulate and delegate to make freight business simpler.

English Quiz

(Q1-10): Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 

Nature is like business. Business sense dictates that we guard our capital and live from the interest. Nature's capital is the enormous diversity of living things. Without it, we cannot feed ourselves, cure ourselves of illness or provide industry with the raw materials of wealth creation. Professor Edward Wilson, of Harvard University says, "The folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us is the ongoing loss of genetic and species diversity. This will take millions of years to correct." 

General Awareness Quiz - Part I

1. India financial system comprises of ...........
1) Scheduled commercial banks
2) Non-banking financial institutions
3) Urban cooperative banks
4) All of these
5) None of these

Interview Experience - Khushboo - IBPS Clerk

Date: 19th feb 2015
Venue : Agra ( Rahi tourist bunglow)
Panel : 3
Time :  8:00am
I entered the room where all the candidates were made to sit panel wise..