Thursday, 30 June 2016

Current Affairs Based on "The Hindu" for SBI/IBPS Exams

1. The World Bank Board has approved how much for US dollar project, Tejaswini: Socioeconomic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Jharkhand?
501 million
403 million
160 million
200 million
63 million

Superheros are not born - they are made!

"Missile Man Of India: A Man in Centuries!"

Dear Readers,
All of you fall into a situation of 'If' many times in your life. This 'If' leads many to failures. But it is not necessary that 'If' will lead to failure always, 'If' can lead you to success also. And this difference between failure or success due to 'If' depends only on your approach on how do you take this 'If' in your life. Being students you fail many times in the examination and you feel that you could not do because you do not get time to study, your surroundings are not supportive, If you could have a better primary education you could crack the exams easily right now, If you had good financial condition then you could do many a things and many more 'If's' come in life. But speaking is easy and doing is difficult. And those who take this 'If' positively and work for it become finally successful. Every successful person has many 'If's' in their life. So, we are starting this "If..? - that creates winners" series. Today we will discuss the same by taking the example of great "Missile Man Of India".............Yes! You are right! It's "'APJ Abdul Kalam". 

Canara Bank Specialist Officers List Released

Dear Readers,

Canara Bank has released a list of candidates provisionally selected for the posts of Specialist Officers in Canara Bank via IBPS CWE-V Exam.

May Revision Class 12

1. According to the Union Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu when will be the first bullet train will run in India?

BA STUDY KIT: 29th June

May Revision Class 11

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the country's first solar powered e-boats at?

Current Affairs Quiz For SBI/IBPS Exams

1. Parliament has passed which bill with Lok Sabha approval recently?
Anti-Hijacking Bill
RRBs Amendment Bill
Protest post Bill
All of the above
None of the above

Banking and Financial Awareness for SBI / IBPS Exams

1. The definition of the priority sector was first formalised in 1972 by?
Planning Commission
National Development Council
Reserve Bank of India
Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

SBI PO Mains: 20-20 GK Capsule Quiz (Important Days and theme)

Dear BA'ians, 

We hope all of you must be prepared by now for the most awaiting "Quiz" based on GK Power Capsule. As notified, topic of Quiz is based on "Important days and theme" section from the Capsule. 

So, lets come and start the 20-20 Quiz.

English Quiz for SBI exam 2016

Directions (Q.1-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them.