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BA Study Kit: 23rd May

Bankersadda Study Kit is nothing but the compilation of all the posts that have been published throughout the day. So let us look at the posts today's Post.

1. Current Affairs for SBI PO based on the Hindu (23rd May 2017)

2. English Vocabulary Words For SBI PO Mains 2017

NICL AO admit card | NICL AO Prelims Call Letter Out

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Download NICL AO Prelims 2017 Admit Card:

Sentence Correction English Questions for SBI PO and BOB PO 2017

Hello, Students!! Bank Exam preparation has become quite challenging, especially the English Section. Many types of new pattern English questions has been introduced in previous SBI, IBPS, RRB Exams. Today, In this post, we are providing Sentence Correction Questions. You need to test your grammatical 

Directions (1-15): For each of the following questions, a part or the whole of the original sentence has been highlighted in bold. You have to find the best way of writing the bold part of the sentence. Option A repeats the bold part, if the bold part is grammatically correct then choose option A. 

Q1. The matter was referred back to the expert committee since the solution to the problem was different from the one proposed earlier.
(a) referred back to the expert committee since the solution to the problem was different from the one proposed earlier.
(b) referred to the expert committee since the solution to the problem was different from the one proposed earlier.
(c) referred back to the expert committee since the solution to the problem was different than the one proposed earlier.
(d) referred to committee since the solution to the problem was different than the one proposed earlier.
(e) referred back to the committee since the solution for problem was different than one proposed earlier.

Frequently asked questions of Static Awareness in Bank Exams

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Prepare static awareness for upcoming banking recruitment exams with this questionnaire of most expected and frequently asked static awareness question for bank exams and SBI PO Mains 2017.

Q1. Kaziranga National Park is a national park in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of the state of?
(a) Assam
(b) West Bengal
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Odisha
(e) Tripura

Test of the Day for Bank of Baroda PO 2017

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We are providing you with test of the day which will help you in upcoming exams like BOB PGDBF, Dena PGDBF, NICL AO, SBI PO etc. From this you can practice questions with the timer that will help you to improve speed.


Directions (1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: There are total ten persons divided in two groups. In each group there is equal number of person. They sit in two rows while they are in meeting. One group faces north while other group faces south. In group 1- There are five persons A,B,C,Dand E and in the Group2-There are five persons P,Q,R,S and T. All of them like different colour like Pink, Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Violet, Brown and Orange but not necessarily in the same order. P sits third to right of Q. Immediate neighbor of Q faces the person who like pink colour. There is gap of two persons between the person who like pink and red colour. There is only one person between R and S. R does not like red. And R does not face the person who like red colour. T does not face the person who like red colour. Immediate neighbor of P faces the person who like blue colour. E likes blue colour. There is only one person between E and the person who like Black colour. The person who like white colour faces the person who likes the green colour. There are gap of two persons between the person who likes the white and yellow colour. The person who likes the violet colour is not immediate nighbour of person who likes white colour. A likes red colour and sits third to left of D. B does not like black colour. R likes brown colour. 
Q1.Who among the following sits at the corner?
None of these

Computer Questions for SBI PO 2017

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Computer Awareness is an important section in bank recruitment's Mains Examination. Practice with Computer questions for SBI PO 2017 Examination.

Q1. Which of the following device used ‘set of beads’ to represent the unit of data? 
(c) Abacus 
(d) MARK-I
(e) None of these 

Current Affairs for Bank of Baroda PO 2017

Just a few days are left for SBI PO and NIACL Assistant Examination. It is time to pace up your preparation for SBI PO Prelims and NIACL Assistant Mains 2017. These current affair questions will also help you in preparing for BOB PO and NICL AO 2017 recruitment examination.

So here we are with the current affair revision for SBI PO 2017.

Q1. ISRO has signed a memorandum of understanding with which company to help develop low-cost lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles?
Answer: BHEL

Current Affairs: Daily GK Update 23rd May 2017

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Study Daily Current Affairs from Daily GK Update on bankersadda and Adda247 app, and stay updated as well as prepare for General Awareness section of bank exams. Its time to gear up your preparations for SBI PO 2017, and with the daily dose of current affairs you can easily prepare G.A and score well.

PM launches various projects of Kandla Port Trust, Gujarat
i. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has launched various projects of Kandla Port Trust at Gandhidham in Gujarat. 
ii. He unveiled plaques to mark the laying of Foundation Stone for the construction of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Convention Centre and the development of the 14th and 16th General Cargo Berth.
iii. He handed over Letters of Award for Construction of Interchange-cum-ROB (Railway Bridge) at Kutch Salt Junction, Deployment of two Mobile Harbour Cranes and Mechanization for the handling of fertilizers at Kandla Port.

Static Takeaways-
  • Kandla was constructed in the 1950s as the chief seaport serving western India.
  • CM of Gujarat is Mr. Vijay Rupani and its governor is Mr. Om Prakash Kohli.
  • Shri.Ravi M Parmar is the Chairman of Kandla Port Trust.

New Pattern Reasoning Questions for SBI PO Mains


Reasoning is a game of wits and presence of mind! Yes, it is true and it might seem as the greatest of the challenge after English Section’s surprises but yet this one can easily be dealt with. You just need correct practice and hardwire your brain to quickly make decisions of what to attempt and what to leave. Practice with these new pattern reasoning questions for SBI PO Mains Exam.

Directions (1-3): Question consists of Five statements followed by five conclusions. Consider the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions does not logically follow from the given statements using all statements together.

Q1. Statements: Some moon is light. All light is sun. Some sun is green. All green is tree. No tree is water.
(a) Some moon is sun.
(b) Some tree is sun.
(c) No green is water.
(d) Some sun is not water.
(e) None of these.

The Hindu Editorial Analysis 23rd May 2017 for SBI PO Mains 2017

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In this video, you will learn HOW TO CRACK PASSAGES IN SBI PO MAINS EXAM. This video focuses on the Hindu editorial analysis on 23rd May 2017 - FOR (SBI PO MAINS 2017). It is very useful for upcoming exams like SBIPO, SSC CGL, SBI PO 2017, BANK PO, RAILWAYS, SBI PO VACANCY, IBPS, CLERK and other competitive exams

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for SBI PO Mains 2017

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Practice is the key to perfection in Quant, so brush up your skills and test yourself with these 15 questions of Quantitative Aptitude for SBI PO Mains 2017.

Q1. Bahu is as much younger than Bhalla as he is older than Veer. If the sum of the ages of Bhalla and Veer is 50 years, what is the difference between Bhalla and Bahu’s age?
(a) 12
(b) 10
(c) 8
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these

The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For BOB PO Exam 2017

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The-Hindu-Newspaper-Editorial-Vocabulary-For-SSC-CGL-Exam +

Today we are providing The Hindu Vocabulary for BOB PO and other bank exams along with the way how you have to work upon improving your vocabulary. Being good at vocabulary helps you not only with objective paper but also the descriptive paper of any competitive examination.  Pick up a few lines from any newspaper and mark all the words you are unfamiliar to. Write down a word's meaning, synonyms and antonyms. Learn them all and move to the next word. Here are a few lines from The Hindu...

Example: I dipped his baby spoon in the baby bowl and shovelled into his mouth a spoonful of the amorphous white goop that babies eat.

1. Shovel [shuhv-uh l] 
Noun: an implement consisting of a broad blade or scoop attached to a long handle, used for taking up, removing, or throwing loose matter, as earth, snow, or coal, any fairly large contrivance or machine with a broad blade or scoop for taking up or removing loose matter.

Income & Expenditure Based Data Interpretation for SBI PO Mains 2017

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In this video, we shall discuss Income & Expenditure Based Data Interpretation Questions For SBI PO MAINS 2017. This session is very important for all government competitive exams like IBPSPO, SBI PO, RBI, BANK PO, SSC, CGL, SBI PO 2017, SBI PO VACANCY, CLERK, RAILWAYS, LIC, IBPS CLERK, RBI, RBI ASSISTANT, RBI EXECUTIVE etc.

Bank of Baroda Free Online Mock Test | All India Mock by Adda247

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With the clock ticking and each day bringing you closer to the day of the examination, here we give an opportunity to all and a boon to all working aspirants as now you have the chance to compete with thousands of students and test you preparation for real. This Test will be FREE for Everyone and will give a taste of Bank of Baroda's competition and examination's level.

This Mock will be available on store.adda247.com and ADDA247 App on 25th May and it will be Free for all, you will need to apply the Coupon code BOB2017 to avail the opportunity. 

GK, GA Questions asked in NIACL Assistant Mains 2017

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GK, GA Questions asked in NIACL Assistant Mains 2017:
Here are few questions from General Awareness sections that was asked in NIACL Assistant Mains 2017 Exam held on 23rd May 2017.

Q1. When was insurance nationalised in India?
Answer: 1973

Q2. Who is Union Minister for Human Resource Development?
Answer: Prakash Javadekar

DSSSB Answer Key: TGT Computer Science

DSSSB Answer Key

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DSSSB Answer Key

DSSSB TGT Computer Science Exam is over now.Those students who appeared for this exam on Sunday looking for its answer key to check their accuracy in DSSSB Exam. And those students who skip DSSSB Exam due to any reason still looking for the DSSSB Question Paper.


Hello, Greetings!!

General Awareness is a section in banking examination that may make or break your deal. As in Examination you'll have negative marking for each wrong attempt so be careful and do not take chances. Accuracy matters a lot, as each mark counts when it comes to the merit list. For preparing General Awareness you can study with the G.A Power Capsule it is a compact solution for all your worries related to GA.

A Guide to Descriptive Writing ebook

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The descriptive writing test is a part of the recruitment process of upcoming BOB PO, Dena Bank PO, SBI PO, RBI Grade B Officer, and SSC exams. The art of descriptive writing is the art of discovering the ways to express your opinion in a precise and clear manner which might seem as a challenge to many candidates as they might not know from where to start! But don’t worry now with Adda247’s Guide to Descriptive Writing which covers pattern, tips, and examples of Letter, Essay, and Précis Writing you can easily learn the approach and crack descriptive paper of upcoming examination.

BOB PO, SBI PO, and Dena Bank exam Descriptive test will have 2 questions for 50 marks and in RBI Grade B Paper-II of Phase-II is Descriptive Writing of 90 marks. In this ebook you’ll get solved examples of all popular type of Letters, Essay and Précis asked in competitive exams. Our aim was to provide you all with the latest topics with solved examples and practice exercise set for descriptive writing and encourage them to be prepared to face toughest questions with a proper strategy. You can get the Descriptive Writing ebook from store.adda247 for a nominal price of Rs.49.

Letter Writing

In recent competitive exams, we’ve seen letter to the editor and informal letters were the hot topics asked in the descriptive paper. While writing a letter one should keep in mind to write letters that get your message across without the reader calling you for clarification. Letters shouldn't be verbose and usually, in competitive exams, there is a prescribed word limit.

NIACL Assistant Mains Exam Analysis 2017 (23rd May)

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Dear Aspirants, The Most awaited NIACL Assistant Mains exam is over, Now it's time for exam analysis of NIACL Assistant Mains (23rd May 2017). A lot of students have appeared for their mains exam today and this brings them to a step closer in their journey of getting a Job in Insurance Sector. Without wasting any moment, let's get straight to the analysis For which you are all waiting for. Overall exam was easy to moderate. 

NIACL Assistant Mains Exam (23rd May 2017): How was your Exam?

Dear Readers,

The NIACL Assistant Mains Exam (23rd May 2017) is going to be over now. This will help you know bits and parts of the exam. So friends, do share your reviews.
And if you remember any questions or the type of questions, share the same with us.