Thursday, 26 May 2016

Banking and Financial Awareness for NABARD/ SBI/ UIIC/ IBPS

1. Which of the following organisation release World Economic Outlook report?
(a) World Bank 
(b) IMF 
(c) UNDP
(d) WTO
2.ICRA, CRISIL and Standard and Poor’s (S&P) are?
(a) Credit rating agencies  
(b) NGOs
(c) Financial Institutions 
(d) NBFCs

3.The Nippon Ginko is the Central Bank of?
(a) South Korea 
(b) Japan 
(c) China
(d) Taiwan 

4. “Primary Deficit”refers to?
(a) Fiscal Deficit minus Interest Payments 
(b) Budget Deficit minus Interest Payments 
(c) Monetary Deficit minus Interest Payments 
(d) Deficit Financing by 91 day ad hoc treasury bills 

5. Open market operations are mainly used as ______?
a) A fiscal device which assists Government borrowing 
b) A monetary measure to regulate quantity of money in circulation and the cash reserves of the commercial banks  
c) A measure to counteract extreme trends in business    
d) A measure to influence the balance of payments position 

6. Liability-side of the balance-sheet comprises ______?
A.Capital and reserve 
B.Long-term liabilities 
C.Current liabilities 
D.All the above 

7. Banks can receive deposits from customers up to a maximum period of?
(a) 10 years 
(b) 15 years 
(c) 20 years 
(d) 25 years

8. Certificate of Deposit (CD) is issued by a commercial bank. Which of the following is true of the Certificate of Deposit ?
(a) it is issued in the form of a receipt
(b) it is issued in the form of a Bill of Exchange 
(c) it is issued in the form of a Demand Promissory Note 
(d) it is issued in the form of usance promissory, at a discount to the face value 

9. Khandelwal Committee relates to study of ………….. issue in Public Sector Banks? 
A.Capital Adequacy Ratio 
B.Human Resources 
C.Branch Expansion  
D.Foreign Exchange

10. Credit Card related grievances can also be referred to?
(a) Consumer Forum 
(b) Ombudsman 
(c) Lok Adalat
(d) All of the above

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