Banking and Financial Awareness for NABARD/SBI/IBPS

1. Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in?

2. Prior to the establishment of the Reserve Bank of India, the Government banking business was conduct by?
Bank of India
Central Bank of India
National Bank of India
Imperial Bank of India

3. The largest number of commercial banks’offices are located in?
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh

4. Which of the following is not a member of the World Bank Group?
International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
International Development Association
Bank of International Settlement
International Finance Corporation

5. “Floating debt” denotes?
Government securities with no definite rate of redemption, but which may be redeemed any time at the discretion of the Government
that part of the public debt which consists of short term borrowings by the Government
Government securities which continue changing hands
Government securities whose date of maturity falls within next five years

6. “Treasury bills” means?
salary bills drawn by Government officials on the treasury
bills drawn by the Government contractors and other suppliers on the treasury for the dues owed to them by the Government
obligations of the Government of India issued by the Reserve Bank of India and payable normally ninety-one days after issue
a mode of drawings by the Treasury Officer on the Reserve Bank of India

7. Who decides the value and volume of bank notes to be printed and on what basis?
Finance Ministry
Planning Commission
Stock Exchange

8. There are many security features which are regularly being explained and stressed to check against forged currency notes. One of them is Intaglio printing. What is Intaglio printing?
It is specialized printing of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 denomination currency notes
It is raised printing on the currency notes of RBI seal, e.g. Ashoka Pillar emblem etc
It is printing on special printing press of RBI
It is printing through special inks of the security features on currency notes It is printing through special inks of the security features on currency notes It is printing through special inks of the security features on currency notes

9. Pledge means?
advance against goods
open working capital limits
bailment of goods as security for payment of a debt or performance of a promise
none of the above

10. What are the RBI guidelines for the development of Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)?
Banks can use IRS for hedging and Trading both
MIFOR is a benchmark for IRS
Under ISDA agreement Banks can opt for dual jurisdiction i.e., Indian as well as common law
All of the above