Current Affairs Based on "The Hindu" for SBI/IBPS Exams

1. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the disinvestment of how much per cent paid-up equity in NBCC India Ltd out of Government’s 90 per cent shareholding recently?
a) 12 per cent
b) 25 per cent
c) 20 per cent
d) 10 per cent
e) 15 per cent 

2. Which of the following Private Sector Bank opened it's IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) at the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) to meet the requirements of offshore banking operations from India?
a) Axis Bank
b) ICICI Bank
c) HDFC Bank
d) IndusInd Bank 
e) IDFC Bank

3. Which of the following companies has launched a short-term corporate deposit scheme, which offers interest rates ranging from 7.55 per cent to 8.40 per cent, depending on the tenure?
a) Reliance Home Finance
b) Tata Consultancy Services Limited
c) Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd 
d) Wipro Limited
e) None of the above

4. Which state government signed a MoU with Bangkok-based Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) to implement the Roadmap for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-30)? The move will help reduce disaster risk management in the state.
a) Kerala
b) Bihar 
c) West Bengal
d) Assam
e) Jharkhnad

5. Name the prize-winning scholar who wove the stories of civilizations worldwide into the landmark “The Rise of the West” and helped pioneer the history of disease and epidemics in “Plagues and People,” has died at age 98 recently?
a) William H McNeill 
b) Al Pacino 
c) Robert De Niro
d) Sylvester Stallone
e) Morgan Freeman

6.  In a first, the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) signed an MoU with which of the following public sector banks to promote innovation by startups in the financial sector?
a) State Bank of India 
b) Punjab National Bank
c) Indian Overseas Bank
d) Central Bank of India
e) Bank of Baroda 

7. Vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari leaves for which of the following countries to lead the Indian delegation at the 11th Asia Europe Meeting recently?
a) Brazil
b) Mongolia 
c) Portugal
d) Argentina
e) South Sudan

8. The 41st All India Electricity Board Kabaddi tournament begins at which place?
a) Patna, Bihar
b) Ludhiana, Punjab
c) Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu 
d) Jodhpur, Rajasthan
e) None of the above

9. The Indian Government has started which operation to evacuate it's citizens stranded in South Sudan's capital Juba recently?
a) Mahaveer Hanuman
b) Pawan Putra
c) Kesri Nandan
d) Sankat Mochan 
e) Jai Sri Ram

10. The fourth tranche of the government’s sovereign gold bond scheme will open from July 18-22, 2016. The allotment date is set for August 5. The Bonds bear interest at the rate of  ............. (fixed rate) per annum on the amount of initial investment?
a) 2.00 per cent
b) 2.25 per cent
c) 3.75 per cent
d) 1.75 per cent
e) 2.75 per cent