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How to Prepare For General Awareness For Bank Exams

General Awareness

General Awareness plays a pivotal role in the recruitment process of banking exams. This section tests candidates’ knowledge across a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from current affairs and static general knowledge to banking awareness. A strong performance in the general awareness section can give candidates a competitive edge in the highly competitive bank examination. It demonstrates not only their ability to stay updated with happenings around the world but also their grasp of fundamental concepts related to banking, finance, economy, and other relevant domains.

General Awareness For Bank Exams

General awareness forms an indispensable part of bank examination syllabi, testing candidates’ knowledge across various domains. This section carries significant weight and can make or break your chances of selection. Preparing for general awareness requires a strategic approach, ensuring a balance between breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding. In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies to ace the general awareness section in bank exams.

General Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams

The General Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams is divided into 3 categories namely Banking Awareness, Current Affairs & Static GK. The table below shows the details of the General Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams

This table provides a clear overview of the chapters and topics covered in the book, making it easier for readers to navigate through the content.

General Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams
Category Topics
Banking Awareness Banking and Its History
Types of Banking In India
RBI and its Functions
Monetary Policy of RBI
Different Stages of Development of Indian Banking
Nationalization of Banks
Financial Markets in India
Financial Organizations In India
NBFCs in India
‘Indradhanush’ Strategy to Revamp PSU Banks
All About the Basel Norms
Negotiable Instruments
Types of Money
Types of Banks in India
Mudra Bank
Small Finance Banks
Payment Banks in India
Credit Card-Debit Card-Smart Card etc
ATMs in India
Priority Sector Lending
Financial Inclusion and the Related Schemes
Bank Board Bureau
Monetary Policy Committee
Indian Banks’ Association (IBA)
NPCI and its Products
Important Committees in the Banking Sector
Headquarters and Taglines of PSBs
NPAs & Sarfaesi
Shares and Debentures
Miscellaneous Terms Used in the Banking Sector
Mutual Funds
Financial Schemes of the Govt.
Banking and NBFC Ombudsman
Cheques and Their Types
Financial Abbreviations
Currency System in India
Risks in the Banking Sector
Current Affairs Reference to the banking/financial sector
Static GK Indian States and Its Capital
List of National Parks of India
Wildlife Sanctuaries In India
Indian Cities located on Rivers
Dams In India
India’s World Heritage Site
Ports in India
Solar Power Plant in India
List of Government Schemes
Public Sector Banks in India
Banking and Financial Abbreviations
Organisations in India
Health and Medicinal Research Centres
Intelligence Detective Agencies
Indian State and its Folk Dances
Music forms in India
Festivals In India
Awards & Recognition
Sports and Games
Sports Terminology
Stadiums In India
Stadiums In the World
List of Largest/ Longest/ Highest in the World
List of Longest/ Largest/ Highest/ Smallest in India
International Airports
International Boundaries
Important World Organisations
List of Military Exercises
Capitals & Currencies of Different Countries
International Summits
Important Days Observed in the World
Hydroelectric Power Plants in India
Thermal Power Plants in India
Nuclear Power Plants in India
Solar Power Plants in India
Research Centres of India
Nuclear & Space Research Centres in India
Important Financial, Economics & Budget Terms
India’s First (female)
India’s First (male)

Weightage of General Awareness for Banking Exams

In general, the sections in banking exams are Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, English & General Awareness. The General Awareness section weightage varies as per the exams. It is generally asked at the main level except for some exams such as RBI Grade B, SO exams, etc. The Weightage of General Awareness for Banking Exams is tabulated below

Weightage of General Awareness for Bank Exams
Exam Name No. of Qs. of General Awareness Marks General Awareness section Weightage
IBPS Clerk Pre
Mains 50 50 25%
Mains 40 40 20%
SBI Clerk Pre
Mains 50 50 25%
Mains 50 60 30%
IBPS RRB Clerk Pre
Mains 40 40 20%
Mains 40 40 20%
RBI Assistant Pre
Mains 40 40 20%
RBI Grade B Phase I 80 80 40%
Phase II

Preparation Strategy for the General Awareness

Mastering the General Awareness section of the Bank Exam isn’t an overwhelming challenge; instead, it demands a strategic approach to effectively cover a broad spectrum of topics. Below is a comprehensive strategy to help you prepare for the General Awareness of the Bank Exams.

  • Understanding the Syllabus: Begin by thoroughly understanding the syllabus for the General Awareness section. Identify the topics covered, including current affairs, banking and financial awareness, and static general knowledge.
  • Make a Study Plan: Develop a structured study plan that allocates sufficient time to each topic based on its importance and your level of understanding. Ensure consistency in your study routine.
  • Current Affairs Updates: Stay updated with the latest current affairs by reading newspapers, watching news channels, and following ADDA 247 daily, weekly and Monthly current affairs. Make it a habit to dedicate a specific time each day to stay informed about national and international events.
  • Banking and Financial Awareness: Familiarize yourself with banking terminology, functions of regulatory bodies like RBI, monetary policies, financial markets, and banking products.
  • Static GK: Brush up on static GK topics such as history, geography, polity, economy, and science. Utilize mnemonics, flashcards, and mind maps to aid in memorization.
  • Regular Revision: Schedule regular revision sessions to reinforce your learning and ensure better retention of information. Create summary notes and revise them periodically to keep the concepts fresh in your mind.
  • Practice Mock Tests: Practice mock tests regularly to simulate the exam environment and assess your preparation level. Analyze your performance after each mock test to identify areas for improvement.
  • Utilize Technology: Make use of technology to aid your preparation. Install ADDA 247 mobile apps for quick access to study material, participate in online quizzes and discussions, and watch educational videos to clarify concepts.
  • Stay Updated: Continuously update your knowledge by staying abreast of the latest developments in various fields. Follow relevant social media pages, subscribe to newsletters, and maintain a journal to jot down important information.
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude: Stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude throughout your preparation. Believe in your abilities and remain focused on your goal of clearing the bank exams.

Banking Awareness for Banking Exams

Banking awareness is the nucleus of General Awareness for Bank Exams, comprising a wide range of topics related to banking & financial sector/ institutions, monetary policies & regulatory bodies. Aspirants must develop a sound understanding of banking concepts and stay updated with the latest developments in the industry. Remember to approach your preparation strategically, prioritize key topics, and maintain a positive attitude towards learning.

Current Affairs for Bank Exams

Current Affairs is a crucial component that can significantly impact the candidate’s overall marks. By staying updated with national & international events, understanding policy changes and economic indicators, and demonstrating financial awareness, candidates can enhance their prospects of performing well in banking exams. Our team at ADDA 247 provides Daily Current Affairs and weekly & Monthly Current Affairs PDFs. With punctuality follow these current affairs materials to ace the exam.

Static GK for Bank Exams

Importance of General Awareness in Bank Exam

General awareness holds immense significance in bank recruitment exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, and others. This section, which typically carries substantial weightage in the main examination, tests candidates’ knowledge across diverse areas – current affairs, static general knowledge and banking concepts. It reflects a well-rounded personality, critical thinking skills, and the potential to contextualize their roles within the broader economic environment. In the banking industry, strong general awareness equips future employees with the adaptability and broader perspective to navigate changes and provide innovative solutions.


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What is the syllabus for General Awareness for Bank Exam?

Candidates can refer this post to know the syllabus for General Awareness for Bank Exam.

How should I prepare for the General Awareness section?

Prepare by staying updated with current affairs, studying banking concepts, revising static GK, practicing mock tests, and utilizing online resources.

How important is mock test practice for General Awareness?

Mock test practice is crucial for familiarizing yourself with the exam pattern, improving time management skills, and assessing your preparation level.