BOB Manipal: Journey to the Final destination

Dear Readers,

Here we give you an insight into the journey of a student by himself on the road to success. Through this series BOB Manipal: Journey to the Final destination, a student who was among you all will be sharing his experiences and challenges he faced from the day of interview till his first experience in BOB after joining. 

So today we're sharing with you Deep's GD and Interview experience of BOB Manipal

This was my first GD and Interview experience and yes I didn’t know that it will lead to my destination of joining Bank of Baroda beside the fact I gave GD and interview for SBI PO 2015 too but didn’t make it to the final list. Destiny was written and I didn’t change it.

Time of reporting - 9 am, I reached the venue around 8.15 am. 
Entry started at 8.30 am and we have to gather at 11th floor where all the subsequent arrangements were there. Along with me some other candidates went to 11th floor Bank of Bardoa Delhi Region 2.

I was very happy to see the beautiful mandir of Ganpati Bapa ji as soon as I just got out of the lift. In front of Ganpati Bapa ji, beautiful Deep or Diya was lighten and it was showing the bright sign and throwing the brightness of happiness and goodness. I was really happy because That Deep really matters and I was constantly seeing there and my eyes were just struck there for some time. 

We all were sitting there and there were around 30 candidates in my panel. We then went to sign our attendance and thumb impression. As we were sitting in the queue for our turn, one of the employee was looking at  me and was saying something, but I didn't understand what was that, then he said loudly, prayer. OMG. I came to know now, there was Beautiful Morning prayer (Humko itni shakti dena Data, vishwas kamjor ho na) , I was extremely happy to hear that!, beautiful player, I joined my hands and turned toward the place where everyone were facing, and told some of them to do that. Ar fir sab candidates hands join krke prayer krne lage. It was really a good environment 

Group Discussion

It started with Tea and biscuits, and water. We were divided into 2 groups of 15 each for GD. We were called for the GD. I was in the second group.

Topic - Privatisation in Education - Is it Good or not?
It was really a Good GD with some good discussion and health one. 
My point of views were  - That privatisation in education is good, if proper investment and implementation is done in the system and institutions with efficient use of resources and with the help and cordial partnership with the Govt. So that every section of society should get the benefit. There should be proper reforms and govt should keep a check on it strictly.

Other's group GD topic was - NGOs are really doing good in the country or they are just doing their or going their own way in terms of fame and profit.
Actually, I don't remember the exact GD topic of second group. But is was related to NGOs only.

After completion of GD, document verification started. Whole verification done and went good. We were now sitting inside in the actual office environment for our interview turn. I was enjoying the office environment . There was one more Ganpati Bapa ji's Murti, beautiful one inside the office and Deep was lighten in front of God. It is always a good sign.

Personal Interview

Okay let's come to the point, that is the most important, Interview session. It was brief and short but it was healthy and enjoyable as whole panel enjoyed it and it was just like gags and laughs going on sitting at my home. Comfortable environment. It went for around 6-7 min. It consisted of 3 highly experienced Sir and 2 Mam. Total of 5 interviewers and me.

I said Good Afternoon to everyone starting with both Mam and then to remaining 3 sirs. 

M1 - sitting in d middle of all 5 interviewers (the senior most among them)

So Deep.  Tell me about your self.

Me - Answered. With introduction, I also told about my interests which were not ending but at the end I stopped.
They all were constantly smiling from the start.

M1 - about my present  company and you are working or you've left it?
Me - I said that I am working right now and my experience.

M1 - So your interest is in economy and banking, finance.
Me - I said yes Sir.

M1 - Why this opportunity after so much experience?
Me - I told them the whole story from the starting of joining my present company till now with experience. And about my interest. 
Good opportunity to pursue pgdm in banking and finance. Equivalent to MBA. Plus benefits of govt. Job 

M1 - If you got a chance to change your department within your present company and work in banking and finance. Will you do that?
Me - I said yes and they all started smiling as my curiosity about my interest in banking and finance 

He was pretty and fairly convinced and smiling and then passed on to M2. M2 didn't ask anything.

F1 - so, you are working in Bangalore right now, I said no now in Gurgaon.
So tell us who's d Head of your company and something about him which we don't know and you know?
Me - I said his name and little about him.
Also he was in news recently.

F1 (younger one) - these all things we also know something, which you know and we don't know.
Me - sorry Mam, I also don't know much about.
(Ab to unko pure tarike se vishwas ho gya ki eska es field me interest nhi hai jisme abi kaam kr rha hai, Tabi jada jankari nhi apne company ke head ke bare me..)

F2 - (older one) - You knw about CSR? 
Me - (Omg (i thought), how come it is not striking my mind.)
I said simply with a smile, sorry Mam, it's not striking my mind.
But later on when I came outside, one of the candidate told me about it - Corporate Social Responsibility and I was able to recall it.

F2 - who is Steve Jobs -
Me - I told he is Apple Founder and CEO.

F2 - How he was different from others CEO's?
Me - I answered about him. And his thinking! Curiosity, work, he used to enjoy his work very much and was happy with that.
She was smiling.

But, F2 - How he is linked to India?
Me - This I don't know now. I was thinking and said again, don't know, as I was not remembering at all.

F2 - Jan Dhan Yojana and why it is there? 
Me - I told evrything about it. It's benefits and why it is imprtant. Long term benefits too.
They all were smiling again.

And M3 also didn't ask me anything. He just kept a different smile on me, was observing me closely.. 

At last they all said All the best with a good smile 

I said thank you to all of them.

It was good and nice experience overall as u always learn new things with experiences. All were friendly and I too get so many friends just in a half day as I interacted with almost every candidate in my panel.