Success Story


Hello Bankers Adda,

Life is all about grabbing opportunities, and since I have got an opportunity to pen down my success story, I would like to grab the same with both my hands feeling that even if one of the readers if not more get inspired by my story it will be worth every second I have put in to form it.

Well now coming to the point, My name is Delwin Menezes (AMAZING DELWIN in bankers adda profile) and I am a B.Com Graduate. I am 21 years old and i have graduated this year itself in April 2015. I have been preparing and appearing for the exams since last 2 years. Though I was not eligible for any graduate level exams I appeared for 10+2 exams and tried to clear it without of course much of success. Every time the results came out i always ended up falling short by 1 or 2 marks which frustrated me a lot sometimes. There was a time I felt that I am not actually fit enough to clear these Competitive exams and the increasing competition demoralized me even more. But then like perfect ideal parents, my parents stepped in the matter and motivated me to do well and the most important advice given by them was

  “Son Never Give up, keep working hard and Keep believing in yourself.”

These lines hit my mind and heart instantly and soon after that, I completed my final semester exams and immediately started working hard and practicing vigorously for the competitive exams.

The First exam i appeared for this year was NIACL assistant which unfortunately I failed. Then it after a lot of hard work it was BOB manipal exam which again I failed. Yes I did fail and i was really disappointed but the belief, hope and desire to succeed still prevailed. I quickly realised that something is lacking in my preparations and so i found out the weak areas and loopholes in my preparations and started working on it even harder. I wasn’t too good with my general awareness and so I started reading Bankers Adda news updates and various Capsules. I kept reading things repeatedly gave regular Speed tests and worked for 8-10 hours a day at least, and then after such a lot of hard work i was convinced that i will do well in upcoming SBI PO exam absolutely unaware that more failures and disappointments were to follow. I got knocked out in the SBI po prelims itself and i could not believe my luck. The confidence touched the floors and all the motivation was down. It was an absolute shocker. But Friends soon i realized that this was not just the end but in fact it was the beginning of a lot of success to come. It is said by John.F.Kennedy

 "Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly." 

What happened with me was quite similar. After the SBI set back the determination increased threefold and I started working even harder putting in extra hours of work and the result was that i cleared 4 written Exams in a row since then. Namely IDBI EXECUTIVE, IDBI Manipal, LIC ADO, UIIC Assistant(Topped the Gujarat general category Merit list). These were the happy and exiting times for me since after a lot of perspiration i had finally tasted success and that too 4 times in a row.

Soon after i attended the IDBI EXECUTIVE interview which did not go on too well since i got nervous as it was my first time. But soon the nervous times were gone and the next one was IDBI MANIPAL interview for post of assistant managers. This time i was up and ready for it. I was asked in depth about my subject knowledge, current affairs and banking knowledge. It was a marathon 25-30 minutes interview and i was able to satisfy the panel with most of their questions. The interview went on well and since my senior friends had told me that “you cannot clear any interview in 2 attempts it takes time” i was already looking beyond this and BINGO!!! It was results time, I saw the link on Bankers Adda and entered it. I nervously entered my number and what i saw was absolutely unbelievable at the first site. I refreshed the site and i still saw those magical Words “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE BEEN PLACED IN THE FINAL MERIT LIST.” And thus its time to celebrate, Saying Yes I have fianally done it. I achieved what i wanted to.
So friends one thing i want to tell all of you is that irrespective of your educational background or your memory power, never ever think about quitting at any stage and always keep working hard with a definite goal in your mind. Never doubt your abilities and of course have a lot of patience because that’s the key since it takes time to build success. Its good to get disappointed and angry after getting a failure but the disappointment should be shrugged off quickly and the anger should be used as a motivation and fire to do even better next time. I wish you all the best for your future. And I congratulate Bankers Adda for the hard work they put in for the aspirants. IT DOES HELP!!