General Awareness Quiz for RBI/IBPS Exam

Dear Readers,

General Awareness is one of the extremely important part of the banking examination syllabus and most of the students always remain confused about what to study, especially in GA portion. So, in order to solve this problem, BA is going to  introduce GA special quiz on daily basis which will be strictly based on the format of upcoming banking examinations in 2016.

Q1. Who is the present Governor of Meghalaya?
a) Mridula Sinha
b) C V Rao
c) Ram Nath Kovind
d) Krishan Kant Paul
e) V Shanmuganathan

Q2. Hirakud Dam is located in which of the following states?
a) Odisha
b) Gujarat
c) Maharashtra
d) Rajasthan 
e) None of the above

Q3. How many Public Sector Banks are working in India as on March 2016?
a) 25
b) 44
c) 21
d) 27
e) 19

Q4. "Long Walk to Freedom" is an autobiographical work published in 1995 is written by which world famous leader?
a) Mahatama Gandhi
b) George W Bush
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) APJ Abdul Kalam Azad
e) Nelson Mandela

Q5. Bihu dance is a folk dance performed on Bihu festival in which of the following Indian states?
a) Assam
b) Meghalaya
c) Bihar
d) West Bengal
e) Tripura

Q6. United Nations Day is celebrated to aware the people of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organization. United Nations Day is celebrated on?
a) 10th December
b) 02nd October
c) 21st June
d) 14th April
e) 24th October

Q7. Which rate is the rate at which banks lend their surplus money to RBI?
a) MSF
b) Repo Rate
c) Bank Rate
d) Base Rate
e) Reverse Repo Rate

Q8. Somalia, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia, is a country located in the horn of Africa. What is currency of Somalia?
a) Somali Yen
b) Somali shilling
c) Somali Pond
d) Somali Ruble
e) Somali Dollar

Q9. SARFAESI Act is an Indian law .It allows banks and other financial institutions to auction residential or commercial properties to recover loan/debt. In SARFAESI, F stands for?
a) Follow
b) Financial
c) Fill-up
d) Forum
e) Firstly

Q10. The Reserve Bank of India has announced the auction of Treasury Bills to meet short term borrowing needs by the Central Government. Treasury Bills are issued for............?
a) 92 days,182 days,364 days
b) 91 days,182 days,364 days
c) 91 days,184 days,364 days
d) 92 days,184 days,364 days
e) 95 days,182 days,365 days