Saturday, 17 September 2016

August Revision 05

Q1. Prime Minister inaugurated the first phase of Mission Bhagirath programme, a flagship programme to supply drinking water to each household in Gajwel Assembly constituency in which state?

Q2. Which state government has launched an online service for consumers to apply for low-tension service connections recently?

Q3. Which country has launched its first mobile telecommunications satellite?

Q4. Who has took oath as the 16th Chief Minister of Gujarat?

Q5. Minimum pension for retired central government employees is increased by 157.14 per cent from the previous Rs. 3,500, following the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. What is the amount of pension to be paid to the retired employees now?

Q6. Kerala Tourism has rolled out a promotional campaign in ____________ targeting Arab travellers and showcasing the state's backwaters and waterfalls on taxis plying in the bustling metropolis, with the onset of the outbound tourism season in the Middle East. 

Q7. Which state has launched a new website of the state Home department to enable the differently-abled persons to see and hear the website?

Q8. A nine-member Kathakali dance troupe has performed first time in Egypt. The Kathakali dance troupe was a part the 14th Summer Festival organized by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Kathakali is a complex art belongs to which state?

Q9. The Union Government has set an inflation target of how much percent for the next five years with a range of plus/minus 2 % for the next five years under the monetary policy framework agreement with the Reserve Bank? 

Q10. The Ministry of Railways has signed an agreement with the _____________ government for formation of a joint venture (JV) company for focussed resource mobilisation, implementation and monitoring of critical rail projects recently in Aug'2016. 

Q11. In which country, voters have approved a new draft constitution, giving extra powers to the military?

Q12. Which state has launched a special assistance scheme for elderly weavers to mark the National Handlooms Day (07th August 2016)?

Q13. _________________ created history after he/she became the first Indian to qualify for the apparatus finals of artistic Gymnastics at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Q14. A new Guinness World Record for the most robots dancing simultaneously has been set in which country?

Q15. Name the former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) deputy governor, Who has appointed as the newest lender at the country bank's board in IDFC Bank.

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