Adda247: Whats there in Feed!!

Dear BA'ians,

ADDA247 app is available on your own android device and you have the sole right of using it on your mobile anytime, anywhere. Being such a user-friendly mobile based android application, you can use every stuff of it on the go.

So, its all about how App can feed you in different ways and how you can access the same wasily.

Let us see through the following screenshots, how one can access the different sections under "Feed" of ADDA247 app.

On the main page of ADDA247 app, you can find the "Feed" section tab, clicking on the same will throw the interface as shown below -

Under this section,  you can find Current affiars, Daily Quizzes, Job alerts and Course videos which all of you can access on the go.

Current affairs include the Daily Gk updates and all the recent current affairs including the old stuff as shown below -

Then, comes the other important Section tab of this page is Daily Quiz and you can access, practice the same anytime and anywhere yourself as shown below - 

You can do 'n' number of quizzes from the "Daily Quiz" Section on daily basis and can improve your efficiency.

Now, talking about some non-study stuff that is, "Job alerts". So, lets see how one can access the same and what is there in the Job alerts for all of you.

As you can see above, this is all about job notifications and exam results, marks declared.

Lets take tour to check out whats there in "Course videos" section in Feed -

You can access 'n' number of videos, Let it be shortcuts, concept, current affairs or anything, we provide it on both youtube and ADDA247 app.

So, why to wait, just download the app and start your learning process..

Keep practicing!!!!

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All the best BA'ians !!