Monday, 3 October 2016

If I did it, YOU can do it too

Dear Readers,

I am feeling very excited to write my success story here, because till few days back I was among those searching for strategies to crack the exam within the available time frame.

My journey towards SBI PO  started with UIIC AO exam 2016. Yes, what you read was correct. I was a novice when I applied for SBI PO 2016 and UIIC AO exam.I gave UPSC exam twice, but failed prelims by a narrow margin. So this year I decided to skip UPSC and try other exams.

Like any other aspirant, I read some success stories and followed most feasible strategy for UIIC AO 2016 exam. But it cost me that exam to identify my weaker areas. Then I understood, blindly following someone's strategy does not yield results. So finding a strategy similar to our requirement and working hard in a smart way helps you to achieve your goal.

I found my weaker section was general awareness and weakest section as reasoning. At that time BankersAdda came into picture as life saviour. I started solving reasoning quizzes, by the end of the week I solved over 120 reasoning quizzes in BA. I also started taking mock tests for SBI PO prelims. By the time I gave actual exam, I took 35 mocks and scored 59 marks out of 100 in actual prelims. I also found significant increase in my reasoning marks.In 2015 RBI Grade B phase -1 , I scored only 14.6 marks out of 60 in reasoning section, but this year in the very same exam, I scored 47 marks in that section. By this example, you can understand how BA transformed my weakest section into my strongest section.

 I followed the same strategy for mains exam:
  BA general awareness daily quizzes + capsule
 Daily word list  - BA (English)
 Reasoning- Quizzes + Magical Book on puzzles by Kundan
 Quant - ( Quicker Maths by Tyra + revised mock questions frequently)
 Last but not the least...Mocks!! Give as many mocks as possible. Revise them frequently.

List of other exams:
1. UIIC AO -2016- failed written
2. RBI Grade B 2016- failed mains exam
3. SSC CGL - 2016(scoring 176 marks in tier -1)

I would like to thank my family because without their constant support and motivation I would still be a zero.

My journey to SBI PO- 2016 started from June 1st 2016 and it took exactly 4 months of focused hard work to achieve it, even though I started from scratch. So If I did it, YOU can do it !!!
All The Best!!

Reshma Singuluri

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