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International Labour Day 2024, Date, History and Significance

International Labour Day 2024

International Labour Day, also known as May Day, is commemorated annually on May 1st. This day honors the struggles and advancements made by laborers worldwide. While Canada and the United States celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September, many other nations, including India, Cuba, China, and numerous others, observe International Workers’ Day on May 1st.

People around the globe can mark this occasion by participating in marches and demonstrations advocating for workers’ rights. May 1st has been declared a public holiday in over 80 countries, paying tribute to the accomplishments of the labor movement. Although our nation typically celebrates Labor Day on May 1st, the date may vary in different countries.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the history behind International Workers’ Day, the theme for International Labor Day 2024, its significance, and relevant quotes. By delving into these details, individuals can gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of this day and the ongoing efforts to secure fair treatment and rights for workers globally.

International Labour Day 2024: Theme

The theme for International Labour Day 2024 is “Ensuring Safety and Health at Work in a Changing Climate”. The International Workers’ Day commemorations highlight a new central topic each year. However, for the current year, the emphasis is placed on maintaining secure and healthy working environments in the face of a shifting global climate.

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Why International Labour Day is Important?

The labor force has made significant contributions to the development of nations through their dedicated hard work. The purpose of Labor Day extends beyond mere expressions of gratitude towards workers. It serves as a platform to educate them about their rights and prevent exploitation. Furthermore, this occasion highlights the importance of improving working conditions for laborers and facilitating their progress. The overarching goal is to empower and uplift the workforce by advocating for their well-being and advancement.

International Labour Day 2024: History

The origins of International Workers’ Day can be traced back to 1886 when garment workers in Chicago, United States, went on strike demanding an eight-hour workday. Although this strike successfully established the eight-hour workday rule in several countries, it did not immediately improve the working conditions for laborers. The strike’s impact was limited to enforcing the eight-hour workday, which was later adopted by other nations.

In 1891, the Second International Congress officially recognized May Day as an annual event. India first celebrated this day in 1909 when Comrade Malayapuram Singaravelu Chettiar, the founder of the country’s first trade union, organized two meetings to mark the occasion. Chettiar advocated for the government to declare May 1 as a national holiday and celebrate it as Labour Day. This was the first time a red flag was used in India to symbolize the event.

International Labour Day 2024: Significance

International Workers’ Day holds profound significance globally for several compelling reasons:

Honoring Workforce Achievements: It is a day dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions made by workers to society and acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping economies and communities.

Advocating for Workers’ Rights: May Day serves as a platform to champion fair wages, secure working environments, and labor rights. It sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by workers around the world and underscores the need for continued activism and solidarity among the workforce.

Fostering Unity and Collective Action: The observance of International Workers’ Day promotes unity and solidarity among workers across various sectors and countries. It emphasizes the importance of collective action in addressing shared concerns and achieving social justice for all.

Remembering Historical Struggles: May Day commemorates the struggles and sacrifices made by past generations of workers who fought relentlessly for fundamental rights and freedoms. It serves as a reminder of the progress achieved and the challenges that still lie ahead in ensuring dignity and justice for all workers.

How International Labour Day is Celebrated?

In numerous locations, Labor Day is observed as a non-working holiday. Individuals organize events and discussions to highlight the crucial role played by workers. On occasion, marches are held to raise awareness about workers and their rights. Posters and placards are also utilized as means to educate the public about the needs and concerns of the workforce.Important Days in March 2024, National and International Dates_60.1

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When do we celebrate International Labour Day?

International Labour Day is observed on 1st May every year.

When does Canada and the USA celebrate Labour Day?

Canada and USA celebrate Labour Day on first Monday of September.

What is the history of International Labour Day?

Students can read the above article to know about history of International Labour Day.