Hard work leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to success!!

Dear Readers,

We work only that much which we are compelled to do. But, using your brain increases the efficiency and capacity of your brain. As much as you use it, as much you build capacity to perform.

Just take an example of the workout you do at Gym. You are not able to lift even a 5 kg dumble with your hand on your 1st day to the gym. On 3rd, 4th, or 5th day you increase your strength to lift those bundles. Further, on tenth day you are not able to lift up a 10kg or 15 kg dumble. But by regular workout you get the strength to lift up that too. 

Same thing happens with your knowledge, studies and work also. 

You were used to with the previous pattern of the bank exam and were in your comfortable zone. That is why the changed pattern is horrifying you. But, if you study properly and prepare in conjunction with the new pattern then, obviously you will qualify with this pattern also.

It is you who develop your mind. Tangible things in this word are such that if you use them much they finish. But, your mind - your brain is the thing - more you use - more it's capability increases! Yes! It is amazing! Nature has provided you the amaranthine thing! Furthermore, nature has provided the equal brain to you all. The more you explore, more you will be able to explore. Here, exploration does not mean only exploring the outer things. It is about exploring what you have in your brain.
Make a habit of reading. Read more and more. If you continue this practice without lags, then you will reach to a point where you will start loving your study matters. It is because you will lead yourself to a level of intelligence where no one can stop you, no one can steal from you! And you will be admired everywhere.

Now, coming to the point that SBI has changed the exam pattern and thus, IBPS may also! And the change is drastic! Many of you are thinking to quit - "humse na ho payega!"

But why? If not you then who is made to do this? Who is made to qualify this exam?

Apart responsibilities towards your family and friends, you have one more responsibility on your shoulders - to lead your nation to the heights and peaks! to lead human beings to the heights and peaks! Development of a nation is possible only through the development of it's each and every individual. Development of you, me and him! But how can be this possible? The starting can be done only by improving the  knowledge, talent and thinking level of it's individual. So, accept the new pattern as an opportunity to make yourself much better, and hence contribute indirectly to the development of your nation. Start studying to improve yourself, and not just to qualify an examination, then only that examination will let you qualify that.

It has been proved by various world researches that India is a country of uttermost brains! Even people from developed countries admire Indians. And you are an Indian! We have performed in scarcities! We have performed even when we did not had much resources and support. Then why can't you now? You can if your desire is strong!

If you can't do this then who can? 

Hard work leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to success!

So, start from now!