Tough time never lasts, But Tough People do... If you Believe, you'll Achieve

Dear Readers,

Before I start, I think I need to add a bit of my personal life without which the story is incomplete. I hope my life will be an inspiration for others.. And my will to achieve something is one of the reason I survive today.

Initially I never thought of a bank job.. I wanted to study Mathematics as much as I could.. I loved Maths... 

I went on to join IIT Hyderabad for doing my MSc Mathematics. I had completed my one year before that happened.. I was admitted in a hospital for a kidney damage. I was given medicines after finding that I was having kidney disease stage 2.

Life continued as usual for another 10 months. I was about to graduate as an IITian. Just before one semester, one day I was completely down. I was in stage V of kidney disease and soon I was on dialysis three times a week. I was sick as hell. I had a feeling that I was nearing my end.. I had lost all the hopes.I spend more time in hospital than my home

It was then she came to my life.. She told me to prepare for these exams and made me forget about the disease. I STARTED from zero. I utilized my 5 hours of dialysis time in hospital for studying. Since I loved maths, I found QA and LR easy. It was ONLY bankersadda I followed. I havent read any other book. It was during Jan 2015 I started doing dialysis. I had a kidney transplant surgery in June 2015. 

Following are the exams I gave between August 2015 - February 2016:

RBI assistant - Couldnt clear cutoff

RRB PO - Could not clear cutoff

SSC CGLE - cleared prelimns but the mains venue was so far and I couldnt travel because of transplant.

RRB assistant - cleared cutoff and got overall 72/100 but Kerala Gramin Bank has not recruited any last year.

IBPS P.O - I cleared cutoff by 5 marks and I am in the reserve list for P.O.

IBPS clerk - I got chicken pox before the exam and I falied by 1.5 marks.

SIDBI assistant manager - I could not clear the overall cutoff by 0.75 marks.

I was not ready to let go. I was very confident about LIC AAO because I was very strong in maths and reasoning and the same had higher weightage of it.

And FATE again played with me.. I was admitted in hospital for the transplant rejection and I was again on dialysis.. It was in Feb 2016. I was down completely. I cried in the toilet of my hospital room every time.. I never showed it in front of others. Everyone thought I was mentally strong.. 
I wanted to fight, fight to survive. I didnt want to leave myself to death. I was not ready to let go.. After 2 month of hospital life I seemed like an alien. When I left the hospital I had already decided to make me move on in life. 

It has been 8 months I have been on dialysis.. In between I wrote SBI P.O, UIIC A.O, SSC prelims and SBI clerk.

Recently came the result of my determination. I had cleared SBI clerk.. I would never say it was cumuculative result of just hardwork. It was result of my determination and I was always optimistic. I would like to thank bankersadda for this success. I am happily going to write RRB P.O and IBPS P.O and I will clear both for sure.

I am a government employee now..  I dont know whether I would get another kidney for transplant. But you know what, I will fight..

All the best to all..never give up, if you really want to achieve something, you have to fight for it.

Bankersadda Follower