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Vocabulary of The Day- 01 May

Vocabulary of The Day- 01 May

Mastering the vocabulary part is important for scoring good in the English section of competitive examinations. A strong vocabulary not only enhances performance during the exam but also enriches writing and speaking skills. To support candidates in their preparation, the Adda247 team provides “Vocabulary of The Day,” comprising the insights such as meaning, use of the word, synonyms, antonyms, relevant question, and similar sounding words with different meaning.


Meaning: Made Automatic, Done by Machine.

Newspaper: The Hindu

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Use of the Word:

Cyber criminals use automated calls as gateway to frauds.

Synonyms: Automatic

Antonyms: Manual

Q. Which of the following is similar to the meaning of automated?

a) Nonautomatic.

b) Self-Operated

c) Manual

d) By Hand

Similar Sounding Words with Different Meaning:

Peer: a person who is of the same age or position in society as you

Pair: two things of the same type that are used or worn together

Ans. b) self-operated meaning something which works automatically without human intervention. Thus b is the right answer.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

Learning new words is important for the overall personal development. Here, we have discussed the benefits of building vocabulary.

  • Enhancing vocabulary directly links to enhanced exam performance and achieving maximum score.
  • Acquiring synonyms and antonyms enriches language abilities, helping in improved understanding and fluency.
  • A diverse vocabulary provide support in written or spoken communication.
  • Consistent exposure to new words boosts proficiency in English, thereby solidifying comprehension of the English Language section.
  • Growth in vocabulary gives confidence in expressing ideas and perspectives accurately and confidently.
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What is the meaning for the Vocabulary of The Day- "Automated"?

The meaning for the Vocabulary of The Day- "Automated" is made automatic, done by machine.