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We at Bankers Adda are so proud to be sharing Nani's story with you all..a true inspiration at all levels. So proud of you Nani!!

Hard work never fails -  ƦƠčƘ ᏕϮᕱᏒ(Nani) (Bank Of Baroda Manipal PO) 
Hi friends, I am very happy to share my journey to Bank of Baroda PO with you all. First of all I would like to say thanks to the entire team of BA, especially Shruti mam who always motivated me with her wonderful words, I have never seen such a wonderful person. Bankersadda helped me a lot to get PO job within a year with their wonderful Capsules, Quizzes, Motivation, Suggestions and many more. And a big thanks to all my friends  .

I am the person who was born as an unlucky guy. I am the person who always smiles in front of everyone and cries alone. God did not give me a chance to touch my dad. He did not even give me a chance to see my dad once. My father died in an accident when I was in my mother’s womb. My mother was very young (18 years) at the time of the incident as she had got married at the age of 13 years. My grandparents and my father’s brother blackmailed my mom after my father died and took all father’s belongings and refused to take care of us. Did not even provide for a small place to stay. 

My mother started living on a big hill with us in a small house getting wet in the rain and burning in the sun. She was illiterate. To feed me and my brother, she used to clean bowls in hotels. She used to work in houses. She used to work hard from morning to night to take care of me and my brother. We slept many nights without food. I have never seen smile on my mom’s face during my childhood. She always used to cry a lot out of guilt for not being able to provide food for us. She knew the value of education. She joined us in a government school and always used to tell us “I am illiterate, so I am not able to do a good job. If you study well, you will get a better job then you can live happily, I don’t want you to suffer like me without education, so you should always study well, You need not to do anything for me but you should make a good name for yourself that itself will make me very happy”. My brother and I always remember her words. We used to get good marks in all the classes. She used to suffer a lot to provide for our food, books and clothes. She used to sleep without eating anything to provide us with everything. Many times I have seen my mom crying. I didn’t know why she was crying as I was very young at that time. I also used to cry whenever I saw her crying. No words to speak about my mom’s sacrifices but I can say one thing that my brother and I have grown up drinking her blood. She did a lot for us. She lost everything for us. 

When I turned 10 years  my brother and I started helping my mom though she didn’t allow us to work. I used to make paper covers and sell them to the shops walking 2-km. My brother used to sell Papads, Biscuit packets in the streets. I always used to pray to God asking him to grow me fast, so that I could do a better job and take care of my mom. My mother took the responsibility of her parents who were very old and poor and dint have a son to take care of them. So my Brother stopped his studies at 10th Class to help my mother completely. They faced many problems to provide me money for books and exams though I studied my intermediate and B.Sc. in a government college. My Scholarship and my part time money (worked in a Private school) helped me a lot while I was studying degree and I used to make some notebooks collecting empty papers from the old books of my friends and records of my labs.  

I knew nothing except school, College and home. I didn’t roam with friends. I didn’t go for movies. I didn’t eat anything outside. My friends used to scold me a lot saying that you were studying very well but you were not enjoying the life, your school and college life will not come back again, you will suffer a lot after finishing your studies thinking about our college, just tell us if you have any problems so that we will take care of you. But I never shared with them about my financial problems and I never told them that I was coming to college with empty pockets. I always used to say that I don’t like movies, I don’t like outside food, I don’t like roaming. God is great, he gave me a nice smile to hide my sufferings   but I used to cry a lot whenever I was alone. I never neglected my studies remembering my mother’s words. I was a first class student. I got a good name from my lecturers and all my friends. I am very happy that my teachers still remember my name . Everybody used to say to my mom that she is very lucky to have sons like us. These words always make my mom feels very happy but the truth is we are very lucky having such a wonderful mom.

Finally I finished my whole education at the age of 19 years but I used to worry a lot for English as I finished all my education in Telugu medium (Local Language) in government schools and colleges. I came to know that I will not get a god job if I can’t speak in English. I couldn’t go for any English institutes as I couldn’t  pay for fees.So, I started working as a data entry operator in an institute and whenever there was no work, I used to learn how to use computer, how to write and send an email, how to search information on internet, how to use shortcuts and also improved my English little by reading English books of children who were studying in private schools. When I felt like I could manage English though I can’t speak very well, I attended the BPO Interview, there I didn’t find any of the Telugu medium guy, all are from English medium. I was afraid; I felt I will not get the job. There were 5 rounds. They were sending out people from every round. I thought that they would also send me out. But God is great; I was selected in all the rounds. 

After my training I got the 1st rank. It’s unbelievable. Everyone appreciated me a lot. I felt very happy as I got a nice job and got a good name. I felt proud of myself as I am working with the people who finished Engineering, MCA, MBA, Etc. I started working hard in my office. I always used to get “A” grades and good incentives for my hard work. My salary was Rs.12,000. It’s a big amount for me. My mom is so happy with my job. My family financial position came out from the below poverty as we three started working hard. I asked my mom to stop working but she didn’t listen to me and she told me that she was habituated with the hard work and she can work for few more years until we came out of poverty completely as we still don’t have a good house to stay. I told her many times to stop working but she didn’t listen to me. After working for 3 years there, I started having little enjoyment with my friends. I started buying what I needed saving some money every month. All my friends felt very happy as I changed myself  . Even I was very happy with the little enjoyments  . 

People who were working with me in my office started saying that you are intelligent, you always work hard, you have good knowledge and you are very young, why don’t you try for government jobs, you will definitely get it if you try and private job will not give you a good life, this job is ok at this age but later you have to suffer a lot. 

I started thinking of my future after listening to their words. I have seen many married people in my office who are suffering a lot with less salary. I wanted to prepare for government jobs while working. But many of my friends told me that it takes a lot of time to get government job if you prepare while working as there is a lot of competition for government jobs. I was afraid to leave my job. I asked my mom and bro what to do. They told me to try for government jobs but do not leave the present job. I didn’t get time to prepare for government jobs as I always had to work in extra hours and in weekends. All my colleagues asked me to stop working hard and concentrate on my preparation.  But If I stopped working hard, I would lose my good name and if I resigned from  my job, it would affect my family a lot. I didn’t understand what to do. I became mad thinking of it. No sleep and no food for few days. 

One day I came to know that if I resign my job I will get PF amount of 50,000 rupees. I told my mom and bro about it and requested them to give me one year time. But they asked me what you will do if you don’t get the job government within a year, you would be leaving a good job, it’s very difficult to get it again if you leave it now.  I cried a lot and I asked god why was I born poor, why was I born without my dad, why was I not getting the opportunity to prove myself. My mom and bro are always great  . After few days they allowed me to resign the job believing that I would definitely get the government job within a year. I was so happy with their words. My management came to know that I was going to resign the job. They said they don’t want to lose me and offered me the team leader position and asked me to stay with them in the company. I explained to them everything about my family position. Then they supported me a lot. They promised me that they can give my job back whenever I need it. I felt very happy with their words and worked during the notice period of one month and came out with the blessing of all my managers, supervisors, colleagues and everybody.

I started my preparation in the month of august 2014 and I was 23 years old. 

My First Attempts:

RRB PO (Qualified)
RRB Clerk (Qualified)

I felt very happy as I qualified in the first attempt but I didn’t get any interview call as my marks were less 

My next Attempts:

IBPS PO (Failed)
IBPS Clerk (Failed)

I missed both PO & Clerk by single digit, I was worried a lot as I missed by a single digit but all my friends motivated me saying that you have just started your preparation and you still managed to reach cutoff marks that means you are very near to success, you should feel very happy for yourself and you will definitely be succeeded in future exams. Their words motivated me a lot. 

I am very weak in English. Bankersadda helped me a lot to improve my English with their quizzes and also all the BA friends helped me by posting very useful information. I started reading The Hindu news paper. I found it very difficult to read it for the initial few months. I started collecting the new words from the news paper and making notes with the telugu meanings, synonyms and antonyms. I started practicing grammar. I started writing mock tests. 

For General Awareness section, I used to depend completely on BA capsules and daily current affairs. Mathematics is my favorite subject since childhood. I didn’t feel any difficulty preparing for it. I used to read BSC material for computer section. It helped me a lot.

My next Attempts:

SBH  Clerk (Qualified)
BOB Manipal PO (Qualified)
NICL Assistant (Qualified)
SBI Prelims (Qualified)

I was very confident that I will get a job after getting 3 interview call letters.  But at the same time I was worried a lot whether I can make it or not. I was afraid of GD in BOB Manipal PO but it went very well. 

On 5th August at 7PM my friend messaged me on whatsapp stating that Congratulations, you have been selected for BOB Manipal PO. I said please don’t joke. He said that he was not joking and asked me to check the result on BOB website. I was tensed to check the result. I prayed to god for some time then I opened the pdf file. 

My name and number were there in the list. It’s unbelievable that I have been selected for BOB PO. I can’t express in words how I felt on that day. Tears of happiness rolled down my eyes. I told my mom and bro that I got job as a PO. I saw a lot of happiness on my mom’s face that day. I will never forget the day in my life. My bro called all of his friends and said my brother became a PO within a year. All my friends told me that I have proved again that hard work never fails. The people who always discouraged me saying it’s very difficult to get government job these days and you took wrong decision resigning your good job are now saying everything is possible with hard work and you took good decision. I am very happy now. It’s all because of my mother’s sacrifices. It’s not the end, there are many to achieve in my life. 

Dear friends!!! If you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s definitely your mistake. You should always try to be better than yesterday. Hard work and Determination will help you to reach your goals. 

Thank you all…!!! 

A special thanks to Vishal, Kishore, Uday and Ram…!!!

All the best friends 

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