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Coronavirus Pandemic- Lets join hands to #Flattenthecurve

Coronavirus outbreak has been declared as pandemic by WHO. It is spreading at an alarming rate. So far in India, 173 cases have been reported. Considering the number of cases reported are increasing rapidly so as a precautionary measure government has urged the citizens of the nations to stay home. Due to this almost all the government sector exams are postponed like RBI, SEBI etc. But its a win-win situation for students as they will be getting more time to refine their preparation now. They can devote this extra time to make sure no topic is left.

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What is #Flattenthecurve?

Coronavirus is growing exponentially. One person tested positive can spread this pandemic among other people as well. So #Flattenthecurve is an initiative in which people are urging each other to take precautions so that we can stop this curve to grow.

Necessary Precautionary Measures

  • Always carry a sanitizer with you. When you shake hands with someone outside or if you touch anything, make sure to sanitize your hands before you touch your face or anyone else.

  • Wash your hands and face with soap immediately after you return home from somewhere. If you are coming home from abroad, make sure to get a test done before entering the house. The Government has installed different check-up centers at airports and other places for the incoming passengers to get a check-up done so that it does not spread out to other people around.

  • Wear a mask when in public in order to stay away from infection.

  • If you have got a cough and cold, go for a blood test immediately. Though it can be general flu, it is important to get a test and confirm the case beforehand. If you feel any kind of symptom in you such as throat pain or so, drink lots of water and gargle with warm water, with salt or vinegar and surely visit the doctor.

  • Eat healthy food such as green vegetables, fresh fruits, and others in place of outside junk food or even red meat. 

The pandemic has broken out and it is hard to say how much damage it is going to do. But with proper precautionary measures, we can surely defeat it.

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