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Banking Awareness 2024 For IBPS, RBI, SBI & Other Bank Exams

What is Banking Awareness?

Banking Awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding of diverse aspects related to the banking industry. This broad domain includes a spectrum of subjects such as the historical evolution of banking, various types of banks and financial institutions, banking products and services, regulatory frameworks and policies, technological advancements in banking, digital innovations, financial markets, monetary policies, and economic trends.

For candidates preparing for bank exams or professionals engaged in the banking sector, possessing a sound grasp of banking awareness is essential. It enables them to stay abreast of the industry’s latest developments, stay informed about evolving trends and technologies, and attain a thorough understanding of the pivotal roles and functions of banks within the broader economy.

Banking Awareness Syllabus

We are helping all the aspirants with the best and most updated study material related to banking awareness to ensure that you only study from the relevant source, not the outdated one. These articles will be helpful for you to crack different exams like IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB, SBI Clerk, and PO 2024 Examinations. Here is the Banking Awareness Syllabus which is useful for all sorts of examinations related to the banking sector. Candidates can get a systematic and topic wise understanding of Banking Awareness section by going through the detailed syllabus.

Importance of Banking Awareness Syllabus

The weightage of Banking Awareness in the Mains examination is important because there are many exams in which there is one dedicated section for banking awareness like RBI & SEBI etc. This section is more useful for you in the interview because the whole interview is based on banking awareness. So make sure that you are well-versed in this topic. No matter your background, there is no excuse for a banking aspirant to escape this section.

Banking Awareness For All Bank Exams:

Banking Awareness is an integral part of every bank exam in India, comprising questions related to the histories of Banking Institutions, Banks in India, and Banking organizations. This section aims to evaluate candidates’ knowledge about the functionalities and terms of the banking industry, which plays a crucial role in sustaining the nation’s economy. In banking exams this section is often very scoring provided the candidates have clarity of topic and concepts. Here in this article we have covered all the information on Banking Awareness 2024 For IBPS, RBI, SBI, & All Other Bank Exams.

What is the importance of Banking Awareness?

Banking Awareness is a significant part of bank recruitment exams, as it helps evaluate the candidate’s familiarity with the banking sector and their ability to handle banking-related questions and scenarios effectively. It also enables bankers to provide better customer service, make informed financial decisions, and contribute to the overall growth and stability of the banking system.

The banking Awareness section is known to be relatively high-scoring compared to other sections. Candidates can greatly benefit from their knowledge of Banking Awareness For All Bank Exams to excel in this part. Unlike other sections that may involve complex calculations and problem-solving, Banking Awareness questions are more straightforward and fact-based. By focusing on Banking Awareness and staying updated with the latest developments in the banking sector, candidates can boost their scores and increase their chances of success in bank exams. This section offers an opportunity to score well without the need for extensive calculations, making it an essential area to master for those aspiring to excel in bank exams.

Indian And International Banking Organizations

Indian and international banking organizations play a vital role in the global financial system, providing a range of financial services and contributing to economic development. There are several National and International banking organizations available throughout the globe. The candidates preparing for banking exams in India must have a special focus on Indian Organizations, their structures, and other current events related to them.  Here is some information on Indian And International Banking Organizations that all the candidates must keep in mind.

Types Of Banks In India

In India, the banking sector is diverse and dynamic, catering to the financial needs of individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole. It encompasses various types of banks, each with a distinct role and focus. These banks form the backbone of India’s financial system, providing essential services and contributing to economic growth. From public sector behemoths to private and foreign banks, as well as specialized banks, the Indian banking landscape offers a broad array of institutions to meet the diverse banking requirements of the nation. Let’s explore the different types of banks in India and their significance in driving the country’s financial progress.

Types of Banks in India 
1 Nationalised Banks
2 Central Bank
3 Public Sector Banks
4 Private Sector Banks
5 Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd.
6 Commercial Banks
7 Exim Bank of India
8 Co-operative banks
9 Payment Banks
10 Small Finance Banks
11 Regional Rural Banks

General Awareness For Bank Exams

Banking General Awareness is highly prioritized by several bank exams in India. Acquiring General Awareness means grasping sound knowledge about national and international static features. However, the candidate should also stay alert about current events happening around the globe and the dynamic shift of the banking sectors. Here we are listing out some crucial topics related to the General Awareness portion of Banking exams.

  • National Parks present in India.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries present in India.
  • Important dates, timings.
  • ICC World Cup winners.
  • Books and authors.
  • Insights about state and capital.
  • Capital, country and currency.
  • Dams present in India.
  • Neighboring countries of India.
  • Stadiums.
  • Dance and art forms of India.
  • Cabinet Ministries.
  • Government Schemes.
  • List of Governors.

Tips for Banking Awareness Preparation

We must accept that banking exams are not easy to win. So, thorough preparation tips for banking awareness can make you level up your understanding of this huge and reputable sector. Moreover, talking about Banking Awareness, the syllabus of this portion is diversifying. So, a candidate must abide by their preparation tips and give quality time to this section. Here we are listing out some efficient Tips for Banking Awareness Preparation to make you acquire the winsome score in the banking awareness part.

Prefer the important books

Over the years the syllabus of banking exams becomes dynamic and many parts of it gets changed. So, research before you start studying. Acquire important books from reputable authors. The books should contain easy wordings and phrases for better understanding.

Revision should be in your preparation list

The candidates need to check the syllabus everyday and accordingly maintain a revision time for all the portion they have completed. Through revision they will remain highly acquainted with the concepts.

Solve PYQs

If you are an aspirant for banking exams, you must sought for the previous year questions. This will give you a clarity about the exam pattern and which topics needs your extra attention.

Rely on your notes

Whenever you start preparing for the banking awareness section make sure to write all the crucial points on your notes. This will make you remain updated about the questions and their solutions.

Current affairs can help

Follow up with the current affairs to grasp detailed and authentic knowledge about all the banking organizations, institutions and terms.


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What is the best book for Banking Awareness?

The best book for Banking awareness is Adda247 Ace Banking Awareness & Static Awareness.

How to prepare for Banking Awareness?

Banking awareness must be prepared from update-source as well as the RBI Official website so that you know the latest facts and figures.

Is Banking Awareness and Financial Awareness are different?

Ideally, they are different but we study financial awareness as a part of banking from our exam point of view.

What are the important topics of Banking Awareness?

Banking History and all the first in Banking, RBI structure and Function, Currency Circulation and Management in India- Lending Rates, Nationalisation of Banks in India, Monetary Policy, Types of Bank Accounts in India, Financial Inclusions, Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR), Non-Performing Assets (NPA), Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of, Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act, Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC).

How many questions are asked from Banking Awareness?

The questions from Banking Awareness is mostly asked in the Mains Examination. The number of questions varies from one examination to the other.