Banking Quiz for Bank exams and SBI Clerk

1. Under the Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) mechanism, loan assets of banks have been categorized. Which one of the following statements is not correct? 
A.Assets belonging to Standard and Sub-Standard category come under category I
B.Assets belonging to Doubtful category come under category 2
C.Assets belonging to Doubtful and Loss categories come under Category 2
D.Out of total Loan Assets, 90 per cent is Standard and Sub-standard and Doubtful is 10 per cent this lot comes under Category I

2. Under which of the following methods of depreciation, amount of depreciation varies every year? 
A.Written Down Value Method 
B.Straight Line Method 
C.Amount of depreciation does not very on year to year basis
D.None of the above

3. Usually, the validity period of an Income Tax Refund Order is? 
A.1 months 
B.2 months 
C.3 months
D.6 months

4. What do you mean by “Outcome Budget”?
A.It denotes reaction of the media after Budget Papers are approved in the Parliament 
B.It aims to measure performance of the Government in various departments 
C.It is a report submitted by the Government of India indicating made in different projects by ministries and departments   as a first step towards converting outlays into income
D.None of the above

5. What is “Stagflation”?
A.inflation with growth 
B.deflation with growth 
C.inflation after deflations
D.inflation with depression 

6. What is POP-SP in relation to New Pension System introduced on the 1st May 2009? 
A.Point of Presence Service Provider for registering the citizens under the Scheme and remitting their subscriptions
B.Popular Service Provider for registering the citizens under the Scheme and remitting their subscriptions 
C.Both A and B
D.None of the above

7. What is true about “white Card”? 
A.It is related to companies producing milk products 
B.It does not carry on its face, the brand of the issuer
C.It is meant to covert blank money into the economy
D.None of these

8. When a country decide to conduct trade on favorable terms with another country for mutual benefits, this is called? 
A.FTA System 
B.MFN Status 
C.Bilateral Trade 
D.Counter Trade

9. When a security is not treated in the Stock Exchange for a period of ………….. days prior to the date of valuation, it is treated as “Non-Traded” security? 
A.30 days  
B.45 days  
C.60 days
D.90 days
10. When banks invest their deposit accruals in Government securities, it is called? 
A.Asset Securitization 
C.Narrow Banking

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