Phrase Replacement Questions based on SBI PO Pre 2017

english questions SBI PO Pre 2017

Dear Students, Finally the most challenging and toughest exam SBI PO has started today, 29 April 2017. In the English section, there were total 30 questions. Reading Comprehension 10 Q, Cloze test 10 Q and Phrase replacement 10 Q. In this post, we will discuss questions related to 'phrase replacement'. These types of questions are based on the errors of Nouns, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and tense based errors. Students are advised to revise rules regarding these parts of speech and tense. We have already provided Important Phrasal verbs for SBI PO and other bank exams as well. 

Directions (1-10): In the following questions, a part of the sentence (a word or a phrase) has been highlighted in bold. four different ways of writing the word or phrase has been given in the options (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find the correct replacement of the given bold word or phrase. If the given word or phrase is grammatically correct, then select option (a). Option (a) repeats the same word or phrase.

Q1. Carnivorous mammals can endure what would otherwise be lethal levels of body heat because they have a heat-exchange network which kept the brain from getting too hot.
(a) which kept
(b) that keeps
(c) which has kept
(d) that has been keeping
(e) having kept

Q2. The commission has directed advertisers to restrict the use of the word “natural” to foods that do not contain color or flavor additives, chemical preservatives, or nothing that has been synthesized.
(a) or nothing that has been
(b) or that has been
(c) and nothing that is
(d) or anything that has been
(e) and anything

Q3. The Iroquois were primarily planters, but supplementing their cultivation of maize, squash, and beans with fishing and hunting.
(a) but supplementing
(b) and had supplemented
(c) and even though they supplemented
(d) although they supplemented
(e) but with supplementing

Q4. As contrasted with the honeybee, the yellow jacket can sting repeatedly without dying and carries a potent venom that can cause intense pain.
(a) As contrasted with the honeybee,
(b) In contrast to the honeybee’s,
(c) Unlike the sting of the honeybee,
(d) Unlike that of the honeybee,
(e) Unlike the honeybee,

Q5. None of the attempts to specify the causes of crime explains why most of the people exposed to the alleged causes do not commit crimes and, conversely, why so many of those not so exposed have.
(a) have
(b) has
(c) shall
(d) do
(e) could

Q6. The end of the eighteenth century saw the emergence of prize-stock breeding, with individual bulls and cows receiving awards, fetching unprecedented prices, and excited enormous interest whenever they were put on show.
(a) excited
(b) it excited
(c) exciting
(d) would excite
(e) it had excited

Q7. For members of the seventeenth-century Ashanti nation in Africa, animal-hide shields with wooden frames were essential items of military equipment, a method to protect warriors against enemy arrows and spears.
(a) a method to protect
(b) as a method protecting
(c) protecting
(d) as a protection of
(e) to protect

Q8. Scientists have recently discovered what could be the largest and oldest living organism on Earth, a giant fungus that is an interwoven filigree of mushrooms and rootlike tentacles spawned by a single fertilized spore some 10,000 years ago and extending for more than 30 acres in the soil of a Michigan forest.
(a) extending
(b) extends
(c) extended
(d) it extended
(e) is extending

Q9. Quasars, at billions of light-years from Earth the most distant observable objects in the universe, believed to be the cores of galaxies in an early stage of development.
(a) believed to be
(b) are believed to be
(c) some believe them to be
(d) some believe they are
(e) it is believed that they are

Q10. Five fledgling sea eagles left their nests in western Scotland this summer, bringing to 34 the number of wild birds successfully raised since transplants from Norway began in 1975.
(a) bringing
(b) and brings
(c) and it brings
(d) and it brought
(e) and brought

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