A Comprehensive Guide to Crack Interview

SBI has released the call letter for the final phase of GD and PI, bring all the selected candidates to go through the final decisive phase of the recruitment process of Group Discussion and Personal Interview. You must not wait to start your preparation at the last moment. When you are to appear for GD and PI round, there must be many questions in your mind as “how should you dress up?” Or “what to prepare and what to expect in a personal interview?” Well, you must now start to prepare answers for the general questions that your interviewer will ask you:

Tell us about yourself? Introduce yourself

Why do you find yourself fit for the banking sector?

Don’t you sometimes think that you have made a big mistake? You could have a great job with an attractive package and you invested so many years just in preparing for a government job!

So how are you planning to tackle such questions and situations set up by the interviewer? This is just a tip of the situation, there is a lot more you need to prepare before you appear for Personal Interview and GD Round. 

In this final phase everything accounts for your selection; your dressing sense, your personality, your confidence and the way your GD and Interview goes down with the panel. You have to be your top notch self to stand out in the recruiter’s eyes. The main mantra is you have to prove them that you are the best candidate worthy of this job. Yes! As simple as it may sound, but there is also a flip side of this coin. GD and PI phase is the slacklining phase of this recruitment process, where you need to balance everything on your own. Talking about the interview process, first, we should know why every hiring process consists of an interview, what’s the motto behind the interview? So, through the interview process, they test you on many parameters like one’s mindset, clarity, confidence, ability, reaction under pressured situation. There is no such set pattern of the questions for the interview, it’s all in your hand how you drive your interview and where to take it as they are going to pick questions from your answers only so, answer wisely and be prepared for the cross questions from your answers.

This ebook covers it all for this final phase: Personal Interview, Group Discussion and Group Exercise (introduced in SBI 2016 Recruitment). From basics of introduction to how to tackle tricky questions, in this very ebook, you’ll get answers to all your worries along with personal interview experiences of previous year recruitments. Not only just Personal Interview in this ebook you’ll also find details about how to carry on a group discussion, what factors can help you score marks and some latest current affairs based topics which you should prepare for GD round. This comprehensive guide will help you crack interview round for SBI PO, IBPS PO and interview of any financial institution.

Some features associated with this book are:
  • Complete guidelines to crack Personal Interview and Group Discussion
  • Real Interview experiences of candidates are included
  • Tricky Interview Questions with their best answers
  • Dos and Don’ts for Interview
  • Banking Awareness for GD & PI with complete theory and banking current affairs 
  • Mock Interview Questions and Exercises
  • Current Affairs based GD Topics
  • Priority Based Group Exercise: Introduced in SBI PO 2016

Candidate's body language and introduction play an important role in creating an impression in the interview. Through this ebook understand the basics: How you present yourself, how you talk to them, how you keep them engrossed? Your impression at the entry point in the interview is of utmost importance. 

“It takes ten seconds to form the first impression and it takes another four minutes for the impression to undergo a change of 50% towards the positive or negative side. Mantra for good impression is Smile, eye contact, energy, confidence.”

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