Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017: 21st Dec 2017

Dear Aspirants,

Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017: 20th Dec 2017

Current Affairs Quiz Based on The Hindu: 21st Dec

Welcome to the world of Current Affairs 2017. With IBPS SO Prelims and IBPS Clerk Mains round the corner, it should be your priority to cover every aspect of Current Affairs on a daily basis for IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO Prelims so that you can do well in the exam. These current affairs are based on current news. Let us see how many questions you attempt accurately.

Q1. ICRA Management Consulting Services (IMaCS), an arm of ICRA, launched a set of four fixed income indices to create more depth in the Indian debt market. Which one of the following is not one of those indices?
(a) ICRA Banks Bond Indices
(b) ICRA Composite Debt Indices
(c) ICRA Corporate Bond Indices
(d) ICRA Liquid Indices
(e) ICRA Gilt Indices

Q2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ockhi affected Lakshwadeep, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to take stock of the situation, meets affected people. He announced the relief package of amount _____________.
(a) Rs 300 crore
(b) Rs 325 crore
(c) Rs 350 crore
(d) Rs 375 crore
(e) Rs 400 crore

Q3. The Assam government has signed an MoU with _____________ to conserve and rejuvenate the rivers of Assam.
(a) Mangala Foundation
(b) Kiran Foundation
(c) Asha Foundation
(d) Isha Foundation
(e) Sapna Foundation

Q4. The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs inaugurated the first national-level training of trainers program to sensitize various Central Ministries and Departments on utilization of Sendai Monitor for developing action plans for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in _____________.
(a) Bengaluru
(b) Mumbai
(c) New Delhi
(d) Kolkata
(e) Chennai

Q5. Name the Telangana state government’s prestigious scheme that has recently got the Green Nod from central government.
(a) Single Women Pension Scheme
(b) KCR Kit scheme
(c) Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme
(d) Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme
(e) None of the given schemes are correct

Q6. Name the lender with which the European Investment Bank will co-finance $400-million funding for renewable power generation in the country.
(a) Dena Bank
(b) YES Bank
(c) HDFC Bank
(d) Syndicate Bank
(e) Axis Bank

Q7. Name the finance bank that has announced signing an MoU with Sahaj e-Village for extending its banking service in remote areas through Business Correspondent Agent (BC) model.
(a) Capital Local Area Bank
(b) Disha Microfin
(c) AU Small Finance Bank
(d) ESAF Microfinance and Investments
(e) Ujjivan Financial Services

Q8. Which of the following state government has entered into an agreement with the moonshot factory of Alphabet X to bring the breakthrough Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology?
(a) Kerala
(b) Telangana
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Andhra Pradesh
(e) Maharashtra

Q9. Name the Washington resident who has been crowned Miss India USA 2017.
(a) Shree Saini
(b) Deepika Mathur
(c) Madhu Sinha
(d) Rachna Chhabra
(e) Anupriya Midul

Q10. Who is the present President of Luxembourg headquartered European Investment Bank?
(a) Xavier Bettel
(b) Werner Hoyer
(c) Henry Pyalt
(d) Claude Juncker
(e) Maria Teresa

Q11. The parliament of which among the following country has approved a law banning all exploration and production of oil and natural gas by 2040 within the country and its overseas territories?
(a) Russia
(b) USA
(c) France
(d) Oman
(e) Chile

Q12. In Zee Cine Awards 2018, the Best actor male was awarded to _____________.
(a) Varun Dhawan
(b) Shahrukh Kahn
(c) Akshay Kumar
(d) Rajkumar Rao
(e) Ranbeer Kapoor

Q13. According to the latest report by JLL India, a real estate services firm, Delhi has been ranked __________  in the list of the most expensive premium office locations in the world.
(a) 10th
(b) 9th
(c) 7th
(d) 5th
(e) 3rd

Q14. Name the car manufacturing company with which the Skill Development Ministry has signed an agreement to impart training to youth and enhance their employment potential.
(a) Mahindra
(b) Maruti Suzuki
(c) Hyundai
(d) Toyota
(e) Renault

Q15. AU Small Finance Bank headquarters in _______________.
(a) New Delhi
(b) Kochi
(c) Jaipur
(d) Thiruvananthpuram
(e) Mumbai

Q16. The World Bank has committed $125 million (around Rs800 crore) loan to India for the STRIVE project for skill development. What does 'EV' stands for in STRIVE?
(a) Value Encouragement
(b) Vulnerable Empowerment
(c) Value Empowerment
(d) Value Enhancement
(e) None of the given option is true

Q17. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has approved the scheme of amalgamation between IndusInd Bank and ______________.
(a) None of the given option is true
(b) Utkarsh Small finance Bank
(c) Indiana Finance
(d) Bharti Axa Life
(e) Bharat Financial Inclusion

Q18. The Reserve Bank of India has placed Bank of India under the Prompt Corrective Action. The Managing Director & CEO of Bank of India is _________________.
(a) Malweyn Rego
(b) Mahesh Kumar Sharma
(c) Dinabandhu Mohapatra
(d) Sukesh Bakshi
(e) Pushpendra Mahajjan

Q19. In Zee cine Awards 2017, the Best director award was given to __________________.
(a) Mani Ratnam
(b) Ashwiny Iyer
(c) Prakash Jha
(d) Rituparno Ghosh
(e) Deepa Mehta

Q20. Minister of State for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship is _______________.
(a) Raj Kumar Singh
(b) Jitendra Singh
(c) Anantkumar Hegde
(d) Giriraj Singh
(e) Manoj Sinha

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