What is Language Proficiency Test or Regional Language Test in RBI Assistant Recruitment ?

Dear Readers,

RBI has just released the result for Assistant Mains Exam, the list of the selected candidates for the post of Assistant and they'll all now go through the final test or the last phase that is the Regional Language Proficiency Test. Language Proficiency Test or LPT is an integral part of the recruitment procedure of almost every Clerical or Assistant Cadre recruitment process. This test is conducted as the final phase and now there might be a question in your mind that what actually happens in a Language Proficiency Test!!!

Candidates go through an exhaustive process of online objective examination in every Assistant or Clerical Cadre Recruitment process whether it is Banking or Insurance Sector. But a language proficiency test is actually the final phase which is less of a hurdle than what you've been through in the Mains or Phase-II part. It is indeed necessary, as after recruitment an assistant or clerk will be dealing with the local people of that state so proper knowledge of the local language is a must.

It is always clearly mentioned in every clerk or assistant recruitment notification that you should be fluent in the regional or local language of the state you are applying in as there will be a LPT at last. Now the answer to your much-awaited question...is LPT an oral test or a written subjective test?

Well, according to a candidate who was selected as RBI Assistant in last year's recruitment the LPT or language proficiency test was a subjective test. In the subjective test, a passage is given which might be related to any cause, topic or issue in the regional language and few questions are followed by that passage; and in this case, the topic of the passage was related to the situation of farmers. Then a candidate has to answer those questions by reading the passage, deducting information from it and inducing his own thought process in framing sentences so that the bank can make sure that the candidate is fluent in reading, writing and speaking that regional language. 

A bank may also conduct a phase of oral test to analyse if the candidate is fluent in speaking the regional or local language so you must be prepared well ahead. You need not worry regarding LPT as they are not going to judge how appropriate your answers were in reference to the context of the question, Language Proficiency Test is just a simple task for the banks to ensure you are well fluent in speaking writing and reading the local language of the state you are going to work in as you'll be dealing with local people, helping and assisting them.