Failure is not the Opposite of Success, it's Part of Success.

IBPS  has released its official reserve list for the recruitment of Clerk, PO and SO today.  This article is a shoutout to all the  aspirants who were not able to make it by a whisker. You prepared for this examination with a full-fledged heart and waited for this for over a year bearing a lot of patience. Your hard work was commendable even though you missed it by a few pointers.

We know you are disheartened and feeling that you failed but trust this, failure is not the end.  Failure is simply an opportunity to stand again. We all fall down, its all about how we stand up.

There’s a threat everywhere in a world that’s draped in camouflage. You must be going through a lot of pressure, there will be neighbors coming frequently at your place bothering you regarding examinations and selections. Your parents might be asking you for how much it will take for you to get selected. May be your friends are also making fun of you. You will be at the receiving end of all this with no answers thinking to make a switch to different career option. You don’t have to answer those questions or to fluctuate your thought process. You have to keep all these pressure and emotions  aside and start all over again .  Don’t let your emotions control the ongoing scenario , keep your calm intact and use it for further preparations. .  You need to liberate from your own fear.

We request you to be optimistic and look forward to work harder than before. Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning . Time is the ultimate truth,  if its not in you favour today, it will be yours tomorrow for sure.

At this time all you need is introspection, focus on the areas you  have missed  and start from the scratch.  Perseverance is the key .  Put your best foot forward and go for it. There are myriad of opportunities in the banking sector. Don’t waste your time being upset about present condition. So, better go and seize it.  Keep calm and work hard. Success will be yours. You can break free from all these inhibitions, just bring your true potential to the competition, and you will be ahead of your competitor in this race.

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