Failure Defeats Losers But it Inspires Winners.

Hello Aspirants,

SBI has released the final result of Mains exams for the recruitment of Junior Associates. Congratulations!!! to all the students who successfully made it in the final result. But at the same time it is a tough time for many who could not clear the exam this time. Many of you tend to loose hope at this point of time but one should not consider his failure as his defeat. 

Failure defeats losers but it inspires winners. This is upto you how you want to take this failure in your life. This is not the end and when you have exams like IBPS PO and Clerk lined up, you must not get disheartened as you have other opportunities with you even if you have missed this one. If we have tasted failures a few times, then it is obvious to have negative thoughts in our mind that are we capable to do this or not? But people, you are the one who knows his capabilities the best. Give yourself time, relax and come back again in the race and this time with more energy and enthusiasm. 

You are not a loser and you have to fight this failure and inspire yourself from this failure and strive again to become a winner in your life. Failures are good teachers at times and they tend to improve you for the better. No person has ever gained something big in their life without sensing failure. This is an ingredient for success.  Whatever has happened is past now, but the future is still in your hands. Do not waste your time in thinking and regretting the past. Consolidate your energy and rise again for a new venture and create your story of success.

Don’t bury your failures, let them inspire you.


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