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Reasoning Questions: Types of Reasoning Questions in Competitive Exam

The reasoning section is a crucial component of major competitive exams such as Bank Clerk and PO, SSC CGL and CHSL, Railways, State PCS, and Civil Services Exam. However, it’s important to note that there are significant differences in the types of reasoning questions asked in each of these exams. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specific requirements and syllabus of the exam before beginning preparation. The reasoning section can be broadly categorized into three main parts: logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. For banking exams, candidates need to prepare for both logical reasoning and verbal reasoning topics. On the other hand, in exams like SSC, non-verbal reasoning carries more weightage in terms of marks, so candidates must focus on preparing this section accordingly.  Here is some information to tackle complete Reasoning Effectively.

Reasoning Questions: Verbal vs Non Verbal vs Logical Reasoning Topics

In the table given below we have covered all the topics of verbal, non verbal and logical reasoning topics which are asked in different competitive exams

Verbal Reasoning Topics Non Verbal Reasoning Logical Reasoning
Logical order of words Completion of series Number Series
Syllogism Non Verbal Analogy Letter and symbol series
Analogy Counting of figures Making judgements
Blood relation Mirror images Input output
Series completion Water images Statement & assumptions
Classification Embedded figures Statement & course of action
Puzzles Completion of figures Statement & Conclusion
Seating Arrangement Figure matrix Cause & effect
Logical Venn diagram Paper folding Statement & argument
Dice Classification of figures Logical deduction
Direction sense test Grouping of figures Coded Relationship
Coding decoding Paper cutting
Word formation Dot situation
Ranking Cubes and dice

Reasoning Topics

The reasoning is one of the most important sections of banking exams. The reasoning is a back-breaking subject and can be difficult for any student. Because of the complex nature and difficulty level of questions, it has become very hard for students and they cannot give cold shoulder to it. The level of Banking exams is increasing day by day and students are ready to face the music in the upcoming bank exam 2021. It is one of the trickiest sections because the pattern followed in this section is getting complex with every exam passed. One of the mistake that students tend to is that they practice only easy puzzles and tends to ignore the complex one but now according to the recent trend, the question on the topics like blood relation, directions are being asked in the form of tricky puzzles in the main examination. Topics like: Syllogism, Inequality, Data Sufficiency, Blood Relation, Direction and Distance, Ranking, Alpha-Numerical, Direction Sense, Blood Relations, etc.

List of Reasoning Topics Name

Reasoning Practice Set PDF


Inequality Practice PDF Questions
Inequality Practice PDF- Solutions

30 Questions of Puzzles PDF

Puzzles Practice PDF Question
Puzzles Practice PDF Solutions

seating Arrangement

Practice PDF- Seating Arrangement Questions
Practice PDF- Seating Arrangement Soltuions

Reasoning Tips & Strategy

  • Do not try to target to attempt all the questions asked. This will add pressure to you.
  • It’s very important that you only attempt those questions whose topic you are well aware of.
  • The test is to score the maximum marks in less time. Do not spend more time on any question no matter how well you know that topic.
  • Do not feel panic if you have solved fewer questions because maybe the exam is difficult.
  • While practicing make sure to keep a timer as this will help you to fasten your speed.
  • Attempt easy topics first like blood relation, inequality, syllogism, etc.
  • Attempt the puzzle in the end no matter how good you are in it.
  • Give as many mocks as you can.
  • Analyze your mocks to make sure that you are correcting your mistakes.

Reasoning Quiz for Bank Exams

Candidates who are preparing for banking exams must solve the reasoning quizzes given below to score good marks in the examination. These quizzes will help you in increasing your speed and accuracy.

Reasoning Questions for Bank Exams



Reasoning Questions in Hindi

FAQs: Reasoning Questions: Types of Reasoning Questions in Competitive Exam

Q.1 What are the topics to prepare for banking exams from which reasoning questions are asked?
Ans The topics to prepare for banking exams are blood relation, puzzles, seating arrangement, syllogism, input output etc.

Q.2 Is Reasoning questions asked in every competitive exam?
Ans The reasoning questions are asked in most of the competitive exams like SSC, Banking, Railways etc.


Where can I get complete information on Reasoning for competitive examination?

Here, in this article we have given complete information on Reasoning.