English Quiz For SBI Exam 2016

1.They was later joined by a bigger Madhesi alliance that had the blessings of India.
A. later
B. alliance
C. was 
D. blessings
E. no error 

2. Are malaria caused by a virus?
A. are
B. caused
C. virus
D. malaria
E. no error

3.Many a boy dreams about becoming famous one day.
A. dreams
B. about
C. famous 
E. no error

4.The jury have awarded the punishment to the women.
A. punishment 
B. women
C. awarded
D. have
E. no error

5.Either the elephant and the tiger has escaped from zoo.
A. Either
B. has
C. escaped
D. and
E. no error

6.10,000 miles are the distance from India to the USA.
A. miles
B. distance
C. India
D. are
E. no error

7.Neither the teacher nor the students is following the  rules closely.
A. students
B. is
C. rules 
D. Neither
E. no error

8.Some of the salt are on the floor.
A. salt
B. floor
C. are
D. on
E. no error

9.Every man , women and child participates in the game.
A. Every man
B. and 
C. game
D. participates
E. no error

10. Science considers this normal but the way these faraway disasters are being talk about on social media.
A. considers
B. disasters
C. talk
D. are
E. no error

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