20-20 GK Capsule Quiz (National/International News)

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We hope all of you must be prepared by now for the most awaiting "Quiz" based on GA Capsule. As notified, topic of Quiz is based on "National/International News" section from the Capsule. So, lets come and start the 20-20 Quiz. 

Question 1. Name the three countries which will be connected by a 1,400-kilometre highway, to boost the trade and cultural exchanges among the three countries. 
Answer. India, Thailand and Myanmar 

Question 2. Name the scheme under which India distributed scholarships to over 800 Bangladeshi students.
Answer. Mukti jodha Scholarship Scheme

Question 3. Name the India’s first special purpose vehicle (SPV) on smart city which has commenced operations.
Answer. Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited

Question 4. India has banned its nationals from travelling to________ country in view of the prevailing security situation.
Answer. Libya

Question 5. PM Narendra Modi has flagged off, the first ever direct train between Assam to _________.
Answer. J&K

Question 6. In which city, The Indian Railways is all set to conduct trial of its first solar panel-powered train?
Answer. Rajasthan's Jodhpur city 

Question 7. Which University Completes Its 100 years Of Glorious Existence.
Answer. Banaras Hindu University

Question 8. Which is the single emergecy number that will be operational throughout India from January 1, 2017 to help people reach immediate services of police, ambulance and fire department. 
Answer. 112

Question 9. India extended a Line of Credit (LoC) of 1 billion US dollars to _________.
Answer. Mongolia

Question 10. India and the US launched the __________ fellowship programme which will enable Indian research scholars to work with American institutions in the field of climate change.
Answer. Fulbright - Kalam Climate Fellowship

Question 11. Who entered Guinness World Records for recording highest number of songs in several languages?
Answer. P Susheela

Question 12. What is India's rank in the exports of Fake goods globally while china is No.1 in the list.
Answer. 5th position

Question 13. The World Bank Group has launched ____________ and __________ to fight Pandemics in poor countries and creating the world's first insurance market for pandemic risk. 
Answer. Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility and launched a $500 million fund.

Question 14. Which country will partner India in turning Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore and Kochi into smart cities, according to German ambassador to India Martin Ney?
Answer. Germany

Question 15. Name the jet launched by Pakistan and China have to be inducted into PAF to enhance its operational capabilities.
Answer. JF-17B ‘Thunder’ multi-role combat 

Question 16. WHich Govt. has decided to close the World's biggest refugee camp in Dadaab?
Answer. The Kenyan Govt.

Question 17. Which two countries have agreed to build a bridge over the Red Sea?
Answer. Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Question 18. Which country has developed a new electronic paper, which has been heralded as “the world’s first graphene electronic paper?
Answer. China

Question 19. Which two countries have launched an unmanned spacecraft, named ExoMars 2016, to smell Mars’ atmosphere for gassy evidence that life once existed on the Red Planet, ormay still be?
Answer. Europe and Russia 

Question 20. The World Bank agreed to provide concessional 100 million US dollar loan to ________ for creating one lakh jobs for Jordanians and Syrian refugees.
Answer. Jordan

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