Banking and Financial Awareness for NABARD/SBI/IBPS

1. Which Committee has been set up to study banking customer services by RBI?
Bajpai Committee
Melegam Committee
Damodaran Committee
Bhatt Committees

2. Six banks were nationalised because?
they were grossly mismanaged
the election manifest of Congress (I) contained such a commitment
the Government intended to enlarge the flow of bank credit to the economically weaker sections of the society
the measure was a part of restructuring the Indian banking system

3. The term “Balance of Trade” means?
A point where the values of imports and exports are equal
the term is used with reference to bilateral trade agreements with countries of CIS Block
the difference between the value of the imports and exports of a country
the difference between the total of transactions with foreign countries in trade, services and capital

4. The term “bank money” is used to denote?
loans and advance granted by the commercial banks
demand deposits used as money, i.e. deposits withdrawable by cheques
loans granted by the Reserve Bank of India to the commercial banks
money provided by the Reserve Bank of India to the Government

5. More number of banks’ branches are located in?
metropolitan areas
semi-urban areas
urban areas
rural areas

6. The term “capitalisation of reserves” is used to denote?
the use of reserves for the acquisition of additional capital
the use of reserves for paying-off loans raised for building up fixed assets
the use of reserves for issuing bonus shares to the existing shareholders
the use of reserves for the replacement of depreciated assets

7. “Multi-currency basket” means?
a number of international currencies to which the value of SDRs is linked
selected international currencies to which the value of Asian Monetary Unit is linked
number of major international currencies to which the external value of the Indian rupee is linked
the name given to a group of West European currencies.

8. The term “hyper-inflation” is used to denote?
a situation with moderate rise in price level
an inflationary situation where the external forces are the primary contributing factors
a “runway” or “galloping” inflationary situation where the monetary unit becomes almost worthless
a situation where the cost of living index is rising alarmingly

9. The term “hyper-employment” means?
a situation where machines are used to intensify utilisation of labour
a situation where plant is used without any rest
a situation where the demand for labour far exceeds its supply
a situation where machines are substituted for labour

10. “Hot money” means?
money earned through illegal transactions
money earned through speculative transactions
money used to hoard scarce commodities
capital which is frequently transferred between financial institutions in an attempt to maximize interest or capital gain.


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