Life is not a Rehearsal, but sometimes you get rehearsal for Exams!

Dear Students,

Life doesn't gives a second opportunity to live again because it is not a rehearsal! But, there are some moments in life when we get time for rehearsal. Rehearsal for a drama so that it can be performed to it's best in actual, rehearsal for speech so that you can spellbound the audience, and sometimes in the Competitive Exams so that you can perform your best in the MAIN TARGET! 

Yes, you caught it right! We are talking about SBI Clerk Mains Exam and SBI PO Exam. Difficulty level in SBI Clerical Mains Exam was actually not expected so much. Most of the students are feeling low as they could not attempt the  questions as they had thought to. But buddies, life is not a bed of flowers. You need to feel the pain of thorns if you have to get the flower. It means you need to work a lot to get success.

As far as exam is concerned, yes! the level of exam was quite high, but it was not for you only! It was difficult for all the students appearing from all the corners of INDIA. So, you cannot determine whether you are going to be selected or not on the basis of your attempts right now. It can be disclosed only after the results are out.

So, why to worry for the thing which you do not have in your hands now? Just take it as a rehearsal for SBI PO Exam. Just imagine that how difficult can be the PO online exam if the level of Clerical was so much. Strictly --- imagining does not mean to lower yourself that you cannot do it! You are born for some purpose and you have to do that! If you have chosen this line as your career, do not go back from  the mid-way. You have the same distance in front and back! It is only you who will decide whether you have to jump in front by using your whole energy or have to jump in back!

At least you appeared for the exam and got the idea that how you have to attempt in the SBI PO exam. 

You must have revised all the GK and all other sections for this exam. Mug up that again and again and practice with a good strategy for PO exam. When you will revise the same thing again before PO exams, then obviously you will perform better there. You were lucky to get the trial just before 1 week of the GIANT Exam! 

So, get back to your study table, burn the mid-night oil and do not stop till you get selected in the coming exam!

Perform well! Make us proud!!

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