English Quiz for SBI exam 2016

Directions (1-10): In each of the statements below, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Out of the four options which follow, choose the one which best replaces the highlighted phrase.

Q1. Your good gesture will highly appreciate.
(a) Will highly appreciated
(b) Will be highly appreciative
(c) Will be highly appreciated
(d) might highly being appreciate
(e) No improvement

Q2. Speculations and hypothesizing are the most essential and well-known aspects of inventions.
(a) Hypothesized
(b) Hypothesizing needs
(c) Hypothesis
(d) hypothermic
(e) No improvement

Q3. Increased productivity necessary reflects greater efforts made by the employees.
(a) Increase productivity necessarily
(b) Increased productivity is necessary
(c) Increased productivity necessarily
(d) increase product necessary
(e) No improvement

Q4. The small child does whatever his father was done.
(a) Was done
(b) Did
(c) Had done
(d) has doing
(e) No improvement

Q5. The moment they saw me, they were delight.
(a) Was delight
(b) Were delighted
(c) Are delighted
(d) is delight
(e) No improvement

Q6. If he has to spend five hours in the queue, it was really a wastage.
(a) Was real a wastage
(b) Is real a wastage
(c) Is really a wastage
(d) were real is waste
(e) No improvement

Q7. You can always dependent on them.
(a) Depend on them
(b) Be dependent with them
(c) Depend them
(d) depending is on they
(e) No improvement

Q8. Why did you not threw the bag away?
(a) Did you threw
(b) Had you not threw
(c) Did you not throw
(d) does have never threw
(e) No improvement

Q9. They are not beware of all the facts.
(a) Are not beware
(b) Are not aware of
(c) Are not to be aware
(d) is never was aware
(e) No improvement

10.  Can you tell me why did you not speak the truth?
(a) Why did not you speak
(b) That why did you not speak
(c) Why you did not speak
(d)  what you does speak
(e) No improvement

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