Current Affairs Quiz For RBI/IBPS Exams

Q1. The central government has given its nod for renaming __________ railway station in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh after the name of Late Shri BR Ambedkar who devoted his life for development of Dalits, was born there.
a) Saifi Nagar
b) Patalpani 
c) Lokmanya Nagar
d) Rau
e) Mhow

Q2. Who has been assumed the office of Director at ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (IISU), Department of Space, at Vattiyoorkavu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala recently?
a) DK Hota
b) Madhav Dhekane
c) V Swaminathan
d) Sanjay Malik 
e) K B Koliwad 

Q3. Which of the following card issuer company has launched a premium credit card by the name ELITE recently?
a) Axis Platinum card
b) HDFC Cooperate credit card
c) American Express Gold credit card
d) Gold International Card
e) SBI Cards and Payment Services (SBI Card)

Q4. Which country was unanimously elected as the 39th Associate Member of International Cricket Council’s (ICC) during its full council meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland?
a) UAE
b) Malaysia
c) China
d) Saudi Arabia
e) Canada

Q5. Veteran communist leader and former World Peace Council president ___________ has passed away in Mumbai recently?
a) MN Roy 
b) Abaninath Mukherji
c) Romesh Chandra
d) Tathagat Roy
e) None of the above

Q6. The Supreme Court has directed the government to give ______________ reservation to persons with disability (PWD) in all services, irrespective of the mode of filling such posts.
a) Three per cent
b) Ten per cent 
c) Five per cent 
d) Eight per cent 
e) Seven per cent 

Q7. The second BRICS Youth Summit has been concluded on 3rd of July which was going on in Guwahati, Assam from 1st July 2016. The theme of the summit was.............?
a) Children and Youth in BRICS Nations
b) Youth as bridge for intra-BRICS exchanges
c) BRICS for youth in world
d) As you with BRICS and Youth
e) None of the above

Q8. President Pranab Mukherjee has inaugurated a smart model village pilot project at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. Initially, this initiative will be implemented in five selected villages in which of the following states and then later on will be spread to the entire country?
a) Bihar
b) West Bengal
c) Haryana
d) Uttar Pradesh
e) Rajasthan

Q9. Which of the following Public Sector Bank has launched 3 new digital offerings on the occasion of it's 61st Foundation Day recently?
a) Punjab National Bank
b) IDBI Bank Limited
c) Indian Overseas Bank
d) State Bank of India
e) Bank of Baroda

Q10. Who has been appointed as Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of Bharat Earth Movers Ltd. (BEML) with effect from July 1, 2016?
a) NS Vishwanathan 
b) Rajeev Suri
c) Sangita Reddy
d) Sujoy Bose 
e) D K Hota

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