BANK/SSC Exam: How to Study for 12-14 Hours a Day

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Well, SSC Tier-1 exam is almost over and now you all need to plan your studies according to SSC Mains exam. And the same with BANK exam aspirants, you also need to plan your studies in an effective and efficient way for Upcoming banking exams(IBPS-PO/Clerk and others). 
As a student we struggle a lot while studying and to find time for studies, It's even harder for most of the students to stay energetic while studying. We all want to study for long hours daily but we struggle and fail miserably in our plans.  
You can study 14-16 hour a day. These are the things that will keep you sane, happy, and motivated. You can do this. You already have the ability within you because you are all asking this question to us . With these tips, you will be unstoppable.
Exercise - Every day get your blood flowing. It's cliché for a reason: healthy body, healthy mind. 20 minutes a day is good enough. Go for a walk in the morning whilst listening to something that motivates you. 
Sunlight and fresh air - It's very important to make sure you breathe in fresh air and see the sun regularly. Getting up early and witnessing beautiful sunrise could be a soothing and therapeutic experience. 
Diet - A diet rich in good fats will keep your mind lubricated. Try coconut oil (a teaspoon every day to begin with, then up the dose).  Eat fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables. Limit refined sugars/grains/dairy. Have a dessert but have it at night time because the carbohydrates will help you sleep well. Bananas are great to eat before bed because they contain tryptophan which will boost the serotonin in your brain (the chemical that makes you happy and motivated). Eat light during the day. If you can fast in the morning, that will be great for concentration. Digestion slows you down. 
Coffee + Tea - Get yourself a really good quality coffee and some great green tea. Have a cup of coffee and a cup of green tea beside you whilst you study and sip them. The coffee has caffeine, which keeps you alert, and the green tea has l-theanine, which keeps you relaxed and happy. This combination is fantastic. The green tea stops you from getting coffee jitters. 
Pomodoro Technique - Work in bursts. Set a timer for 25 minutes and do nothing but concentrate on work. Then have a 5-minute break where you do whatever you want. Watch something funny on YouTube, walk around, play with your dog. You can sustain long bouts of work by doing this. This will also make sure that you absorb most of what you study. Seriously, after 25 minutes of studying, your brain needs a break or you're going to be ineffective. 
Olympic Athlete Mindset - Tell yourself that you're training for the academic gold. Keep yourself fit, healthy, happy, and focused. Make this your purpose. There's nothing depressing about living your purpose. You can do this! This is your mission. 
Meditation/Stretching/Yoga/Pranayama - Learn to quiet the mind. Read Good books on meditation or watch guided meditation videos on YouTube. Go for walks and just focus on your breathing, don't indulge your thoughts, and notice things around you. You will be sitting down for long periods of time so make sure you have a good stretching/yoga routine. 
Relax Every Day - This is important. You have to switch off your mind at the end of the day for your own sanity. Relaxation time is important because that is the time where your mind consolidates all the information you fed it during the day. Protect 'You Time' and give yourself at least 2 hours to relax. Go see friends, talk with your family, watch a movie, read a book, take a hot bath (or contrast shower). Do whatever you need to do to feel normal again. Doing social stuff is a great idea because you don't want to spend too much time in your head. 
Keep a To-Do List and Diary - Every Sunday, write out what you will do over the week. And every day before bed, write out and review what you will do the next day. Then tick off everything as you do it. This will give you a little burst of motivation and happiness because you will feel a sense of achievement every day. Write on paper. There is something therapeutic about getting away from a computer screen and organising your thoughts.

Good luck to you! You can do it! Focus on the present, look after yourself, do everything you can, and you will be fine!

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