RBI Grade B Phase-II Exam Review

RBI has raised the standard of examination. It may not be up to UPSC level, but  its not easy now. Students found it a bit difficult, and it clearly sets up new standards of banking examination.

English (Writing Skills)

Essay - 200 words + precis + comprehension

Essay topic-
1. How can internet banking be spread,
2. Impact of GST on common Man
3. Farmers suicide-impact on economic and social
4. Technology imapct over building smart city

Reading Comprehension (5 questions to answer out of 6 ) on banks and their management of funds.

Precis writing : 30 marks

Topic : Animal testing. Morally right or wrong.

As said by students who appeared for the examination, the Finance and Management section was a bit tougher. In fact the questions asked seemed difficult even for the one who have covered the syllabus properly. The numerical asked were in-depth and lengthy and approximately 12-13 theories were also asked in the examination.

On the other hand, ESI (Economic and Social Issues) was based on trivial facts. Anyone who have kept themselves updated could have attempted the questions. The questions cannot be said to be tough but if you don't know the facts then it may seem a lot.

ESI (Economic and Social Issues)

35 questions 2 marks each and 30 questions 1 marks each....2 markers were very difficult...1 markers were easy

Questions from RBI grade B mains exam:

1) towns undertaken under Swach Bharat mission
2) number of members in budget estimate Committee for Parliament
3) Fiscal Target for next year
4) Deep tarang
5) Fiscal policy include taxation and....
6)Tawang is in which state
7) Meaning of Disinflation
8) Target for Ujawala
9) Brics Planning meeting held in which city
10) NCTF relates to ?
11) 2016 annual Summit co-chaired by
12) NAPC target?
13 Per capita income of India
14) Disha for ?
15) NIIF budget allocation amount?
16) Himayat fund
17) India's solar alliance partner?
18) India's rank in Human capital index
19) increase in penalty for contravention of the Act to how much ( Rs 50000)
20) SDG popularly known as?
21) EPS stand for ?
22) Van bandhu kalyan yojana
23) Ease of doing business was out come of
24) How much % of people were in favour of brexit
25) Large Exposures Framework and Enhancing Credit Supply through (RBI)
25) after brexit how much sensex plunge

Pattern and standard are changed. From this examination we've seen that from now onward through study and studying through multiple sources is the key.

For all 2 marks questions one passage was given and 2-3 questions asked from that passage. By the way, answers may not found in passage as they asked statistics most.

30-35 % numericals
40% management

1) ESI -- how many towns were there in the SBM or what was account of special Grant to J&K...
2) first planning comission
3) mutual fund regulated by
4) one ques abt rbi function
5) recently some clause add in SEBI wat was that clause
6) In one question we had to calculate the principal amount and we were given total amount after maturity 
7) Which comitte is not mandatory according to SEBI
8) Committee not mandatory under Corporate Governance.

2 Marks Questions

1. Kudankulam nuclear power plant movement (3 ques) 
2. Population increase (3 ques)
3. Wealth inheritance- mitakshara law (3 ques) 
4. IMF (2 ques)
5. Monetary Policy Committee (2 ques) 
6. Indian Economy- Inequality (3 ques)
7. Skill development for tribal youth (5 ques) 
8. Foreign Trade Policy(3 ques)
9. RBI-Framework for enhancing Credit Supply for Large Borrowers through Market Mechanism (2 ques)
10. Brexit/EU (3 ques)
11. Employee Pension Scheme (4 ques) 12. RBI-measures in bond market (2 ques)

1 Mark Questions

1. Current GDP
2. MSME database & finance facilitation launched by ?
3. NIIF budget allocation
4. Number of statutory towns & cities in Swachh Bharat Mission
5. Ex-officio chairperson of MPC
6. What is deflation
7. India has received largest loan from world bank under which category 8. Rank in ease of doing business
9. Most vibrant sector for FDI inflow and employment 10. Amitabh kant committee
11. Employee compensation(Amendment) Bill 2016 12. Per capita income at current prices
13. ISA is led by India and ? 14. Fiscal Policy
15. WTO
16. Brics Policy Planning Dialogue was held at ?
18. Shankar Acharya Committee
19. Himayat amount
20. Number of members in estimates committee
21. Tawang in which state ?
22. PMAY
23. Earth charter

Financial Management

It was fully based on facts, many questions were asking amounts, percentages, scheme names, coverage of schemes.
Working Capital 240000 Current Ratio 2.5 Liquidity Ratio 1.5 Inventory=?
Break even point calculations
Calculate outcome of Yield change by 4 basis point Coupon Rate 8% semiannual, Bond Price 125.
Lots of lesser unknown motivational and HR theories in Management
Some combined ratio

2 Marks questions

1. Job enrichment + performance appraisal (3 ques)
2. Capital gearing ratio + Cash from Operating Activities + BEP level (3 ques, all numerical) 
3. HR Outsourcing (1 ques)
4. Risk Management-Negative Beta shows that assets follow ? What is Risk Premium? Risk return trade off?(3 ques)
5. RBI functions (3 ques)
6. Corporate Governance norms (3 ques) 
7. Theory X (1 ques)
8. Communication (1 ques)
9. Bond- Yield + price of bond (3 ques, all numerical) 
10. Corporate Governance (2 ques)
11. Out Bound Learning (OBL) + Technique developed by DeBono (2 ques) 
12. Fringe benefits (1 ques)
13. Leverage + Interest(EBIT)+ (Current Ratio related) (3 ques, all numerical) 
14. Recruitment (2 ques)
15. HRM (2 ques)
16. Personal Ego-Transactional Analysis(TA) by Thomas Harris (2 ques)

1 Mark Questions

1. Job specific competencies that drive proven high-performance, quality results for a given position is called?
2. Full form of ICAAP
3. Compounding numerical
4. Participative leadership
5. Perpetual bond
6. Two factor theory is given by
8. RBI-Repo
9. Not a component of MCLR
10. First Five year plan was started in
11. Companies Act, CSR 12. RWA
13. Mutual Funds regulated by 14. 360 degree feedback
15. MBO is given by
16. Corporate governance
17. Transactional Analysis Theory is given by 18. Attribution Theory is given by
19. Job enrichment
20. FOUR WAY TEST developed by Taylor was adopted by which international organization 21. Organizational structure having public, private & voluntary sector
22. Decision Tree Model is developed by
23. Performance Appraisal
24. Zero Coupon Bonds
25. Personal attribute is described as
26. Systemic Risk is a risk of
27. Nostro accounts are
28. Value of derivative id determined by
29. Model that combines 5 financial ratios

These reviews have been shared with us by students of Bankersadda.com- Kaashvi Shruti and Dhiren Thakkar

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