Quant Quiz For IBPS/BOM Exam

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We have started the 56 days Study Plan for IBPS PO Prelims. This study plan is to efficiently utilise time and hard work to channelise it towards smart work. From now quizzes on Bankersadda will be according to the given study plan and this will help you prepare important topics in limited time. 

Today is DAY 45 of the study plan and in Quantitative Aptitude today’s chapter is Practice of Chapters (Data Interpretation)

Directions (1-5): Study the pie-chart given below carefully and answer the given questions.
Total no. of students studying different subjects = 15000

Q1. What is the central angle for Chemistry?
(a) 36°
(b) 54°
(c) 42°
(d) 56°
(e) None of the above

Q2. What is the average number of students studying Physics, Chemistry, English and Computer together?
(a) 3000
(b) 8000
(c) 3200
(d) 1100
(e) None of the above

Q3. If 26% students studying Physics are males then the number of female students studying Physics is
(a) 1600
(b) 1620
(c) 1798
(d) 1750
(e) 1998

Q4. The number of student studying English is approximately what percent of the number of students studying Computer?
(a) 80%
(b) 88%
(c) 90%
(d) 95%
(e) 83%

Q5. The maximum number of students are studying in which stream?
(a) Computer
(b) Physics
(c) Chemistry
(d) Hindi
(e) English

Directions (6-10): Study the following pie-charts carefully and answer the questions given below them.
The entire fund that an organization gets from different sources is equal to Rs. 16 crore.

Q6. What is the difference between the fund acquired by the organization from NGOs and that from Government Agencies?
(a) Rs. 43268000
(b) Rs. 38650000
(c) Rs. 46800000
(d) Rs. 52860000
(e) None of the above

Q7. If the organization managed Building Maintenance from the Ministry of Home Affairs fund only, how much fund from the Ministry of Home Affairs would still be left for other use?
(a) Rs. 2.72 crore
(b) Rs. 7.23 crore
(c) Rs. 5.20 crore
(d) Rs. 3.06 crore
(e) Rs. 8.03 crore

Q8. If the Scholarship has to be paid out of the fund from Government Agencies, find what is the approximate percentage of Government Agencies fund used for this purpose.
(a) 42.11%
(b) 38.6%
(c) 31.23%
(d) 48.3%
(e) 52%

Q9. What is the total amount used by the organization for Payment?
(a) Rs. 4.8 crore
(b) Rs. 6.3 crore
(c) Rs. 5.6 crore
(d) Rs. 9.73 crore
(e) None of the above

Q10. What is the amount of fund acquired by the organization from Ministry of Home Affairs?
(a) 6.25 crores
(b) 6.2 crores
(c) 6.72 crores
(d) 9.25 crores
(e) None of the above

(a) 12 (7/12)
(b) 13 (7/12)
(c) 12 (7/13)
(d) 14 (7/12)
(e) None of these

Q12. 80% of 2600 + 12% of 360 = ? of 980
(a) 216.65
(b) 2.1665
(c) 2166.5
(d) 21.665
(e) None of these

(a) 41.7
(b) 417
(c) 4.17
(d) 0.417
(e) None of these

(a) 16.287
(b) 1.3287
(c) 15.287
(d) 13.287
(e) None of these

Q15. 18780 + (780 ÷20) =?
(a) 18819
(b) 18891
(c) 18619
(d) 18719
(e) None of these

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