Trending Vocabulary for SSC and Bank Exam

Trending-Vocabulary-for-SSC-and-Bank-Exam- Word-list-for-Bank-Exams

Meaning:  complaining in an annoyed way
Synonym: crabby, cranky, grouchy,
Antonym:  affable, agreeable, amiable, genial, good-humored
Sentence: car trips that were frequently spoiled by a couple of querulous passengers in the back.

Meaning: a member of a gang that ambushes and robs people in forests and mountains.
Synonym: bandit
Sentence: Jake was a brigand who stole from his own family.

Meaning: make (someone) drunk; intoxicate.
Synonym: besotted
Antonym: teetotal; abstemious, abstinent
Sentence: "I got mildly inebriated"

4. Penurious
Meaning:  lacking money; excessively unwilling to spend, not having enough money to pay for necessities.
Synonyms: parsimonious, hard up, impecunious, in straitened circumstances, penniless, pinched
Sentence: Warren Buffett, famous multi-billionaire, still drives a cheap sedan, not because he is penurious, but because luxury cars are gaudy and impractical.

5. Ponderous
 Meaning: having great mass and weight and unwieldiness
Synonyms: heavy, lumbering
Sentence: Laden with 20 kilograms of college text books, the freshman moved ponderously across the campus.

6. Expunge
 Meaning: to eliminate completely; remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line.
Synonyms: excise, scratch, strike
Sentence: When I turned 18, all of the shoplifting and jaywalking charges were expunged from my criminal record.

7. Interlocutor
Meaning: a person who takes part in a conversation.
Symonyms: conversational partner
Sentence: The government’s interlocutor(middle man), R.N. Ravi, confirmed to a local daily that the August 3 agreement was indeed a ‘framework agreement’.

8. Hitherto
Meaning: used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time.
Synonyms: as yet, heretofore, so far, thus far, til now, until now, up to now, yet
Sentence: Before John learned to fly an airplane, he had hitherto been afraid of heights.

Meaning: a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.
Synonym: universal cure, cure-all, cure for all ills, universal remedy
Sentence: "the panacea for all corporate ills"

Meaning: wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.
Synonym:  cacophony, clamor
Antonym: calm, hush, peace,
Sentence: "there was complete pandemonium—everyone just panicked"

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