The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For IBPS PO 2017

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The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For IBPS RRB PO 2017

Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list. Here are a few lines from The Hindu.

Example: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Friday disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from office over undeclared assets and ordered registration of corruption cases against him and his children, plunging the country into a political turmoil.

1. Plunge [pluhnj] 
Verb: to cast or thrust forcibly or suddenly into something, as a liquid, a penetrable substance, a place, etc.; immerse; submerge; to bring suddenly or forcibly into some condition, situation, etc.
Synonyms: revealing, shocking, decollete, deep-cut, décolleté, low-cut, low-hanging, low-neck.

Example: Exodus to hurt Ahmed Patel’s RS hopes.

2. Exodus [ek-suh-duh s] 
Noun: a going out; a departure or emigration, usually of a large number of people; the Exodus, the departure of the Israelites from Egypt under Moses.
Synonyms: departure, evacuation, flight, migration, withdrawal, egress, egression, emigration, exit, journey, retirement.
Antonyms: stay, arrival, arriving, coming.

Example: Odisha remains at the top with total cumulative collection of 1,932.5 crore followed by Jharkhand with 1,056.2 crore and Chhattisgarh with 1,042 crore.

3. Cumulative [kyoo-myuh-luh-tiv, -ley-tiv] 
Adjective: increasing or growing by accumulation or successive additions; formed by or resulting from accumulation or the addition of successive parts or elements; of or relating to interest or dividends that, if not paid when due, become a prior claim for payment in the future.
Synonyms: aggregate, increasing, accumulative, additive, additory, advancing, amassed, augmenting, chain, collective, heaped, heightening.
Antonyms: decreasing, subtracting.

Example: With the Janata Dal(U) winning a vote of confidence in the Bihar Assembly with the help of the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday, a change in the balance of power in the Rajya Sabha seems to be in the offing.

4. Offing [aw-fing, of-ing] 
Noun: the more distant part of the sea seen from the shore, beyond the anchoring ground; a position at a distance from shore.
Idioms, in the offing: at a distance but within sight; in the projected future; likely to happen

Example: ‘Dialogue, democracy in peril’.

5. Peril [per-uh l] 
Noun: exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; grave risk; jeopardy; danger; something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction.
Verb: to expose to danger; imperil; risk.
Synonyms: hazard, insecurity, jeopardy, menace, pitfall, uncertainty, vulnerability, endangerment, exposure.
Antonyms: certainty, protection, safety, safeness, security.

Example: Defence Minister tells Lok Sabha that any shortage of ammunition will be expeditiously taken care of.

6. Expeditious [ek-spi-dish-uh s] 
Adjective: characterized by promptness; quick.
Synonyms: ardently, assiduously, carefully, diligently, eagerly, earnestly, energetically, enthusiastically, hastily, hurriedly, laboriously.
Antonyms: idly, inactively, quietly.

Example: Showdown looms in crisis-hit Venezuela.

7. Loom [loom] 
Verb: to appear indistinctly; come into view in indistinct and enlarged form; to rise before the vision with an appearance of great or portentous size; to assume form as an impending event.
Noun: a looming appearance, as of something seen indistinctly at a distance or through a fog.
Synonyms: brew, come on, dominate, emerge, hover, mount, overshadow, portend, soar, stand out, threaten, approach, await.
Antonyms: decline, fall, leave, abandon.

Example: Maduro issued a decree banning protests and warning that anyone who marches against his planned election of a “Constituent Assembly” risks up to 10 years in prison.

8. Decree [dih-kree] 
Noun: a formal and authoritative order, especially one having the force of law; Law. a judicial decision or order.
Verb: to command, ordain, or decide by decree.
Synonyms: act, announcement, directive, edict, injunction, instruction, judgment, law, order, proclamation, regulation.
Antonyms: answer, disorganization, lawlessness.

Example: Scaramucci tirade ignites smouldering WH tensions.

9. Tirade [tahy-reyd, tahy-reyd] 
Noun: a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation; a long, vehement speech; a passage dealing with a single theme or idea, as in poetry.
Synonyms: denunciation, diatribe, harangue, invective, ranting, screed, sermon, anger, berating, censure.
Antonyms: compliment, praise, calm, harmony, peace.

10. Smoulder [smohl-der] 
Verb: to burn without flame; undergo slow or suppressed combustion; to exist or continue in a suppressed state or without outward demonstration; to display repressed feelings, as of indignation, anger, or the like.
Noun: dense smoke resulting from slow or suppressed combustion; a smoldering fire.
Synonyms: boil, erupt, explode, fester, seethe, bubble, churn, consume, ferment, fulminate.
Antonyms: be happy, freeze.


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