"Believe you can and you're halfway there." : Nidhi Bajpai (BOB PO 2017)

Hello, folks.
This is Nidhi Bajpai from Gorakhpur (an aspirant like you all). I always wanted to write my success story since I started my preparation from 7 sep 2016 and today God has given me this opportunity. After completing my post graduation (MBA in finance) in 2016 June I looked out for some private jobs but nothing appeared to be satisfactory. At that time my brother who is currently working in Axis bank suggested me to make up my mind for banking sector jobs. Taking his advice I entered into this line and started my preparation from September 2016. 

The first exam that I had to face was IBPS PO pre-2016.I prepared and cleared the pre, this gave me a confidence that I am working on the right track but in mains, I failed badly due to GA section.This made me understand that to clear these exams I have to brush up my GA section. I started working on this section.I started following bankers adda on a regular basis. Then came IBPS clerk I again cleared pre but again failed in mains and this time by a margin of 0.75 marks. That 1st April 2017 the national result date was very horrible for me as defeating by such a low margin breaks u badly. Coincidentally BOB announced its vacancy on the same day seeing the notification itself I decided that I have to crack this by hook or crook. I started preparing for this exam very sincerely and cleared the written which I knew I will. Then came the next round GD-PI. I started preparing for these two rounds very sincerely because I never wanted to lose this opportunity after getting so close.
I faced both the rounds in a very confident manner. Then came 13 sep 2017 almost a year passed since I started my preparation and seeing my name in the final list on this day made me feel Aaj mai upar aasman neeche. 

Apart from these exams, I appeared in various other exams.
  1. Syndicate PO,  failed by 10 marks.
  2. IPPB, could not clear Pre.
  3. Coal India limited, failed in spite of scoring very well.
  4. SBI PO, failed in pre by 1 mark.
  5. NIACL, failed.

I did not appear for too many exams but these few exams before the final success made me learn various things. With each exam, I found something new in myself. These failures guided me where I lack and which sections I hold a command on. For the future aspirants, I would say never give up and always prepare with a positive mind and take every exam as if it is your last exam and you have to crack it.

Sharing my way of preparation:

Reasoning - This is the most scoring section but nowadays reasoning can surprise you so be prepared but one thing is clear to ace in this section you need to have a command on puzzles you cannot escape from this. I always found bankersadda quizzes very helpful because they provide the questions which are in trend.

Maths - Frankly speaking this was my weak section or I can say I do not have so much command on this as I have on other sections. But still, I never ran away from this I always tried to make this section better and better. RS Agarwal this book helped me a lot and then the daily quizzes of bankers adda.

English- This I can say as my strongest section. In BOB PO, I did 40 questions out of 50 and scored 32 marks. English is the one section that gives u more marks in a lesser amount of time if u have a command on grammar. For aspirants, I would say enhance your reading abilities. Try to read English more and more be it from a newspaper or online articles.

General Awareness - Most lovable section of mine. I always loved this section. In IBPS PO mains I failed in this section and from then in every exam, I got a decent score in this section. This is the section which creates the difference as in other sections more or less we all are on the same platform. So try to ace in this section.

GD - Well before appearing for BOB GD I had faced GD for private jobs so I knew what I have to do there. I would say always try to initiate the GD with a valid and positive point. I was not the initiator there, I was the second speaker, but I was clear of the thought that I have lost the chance to initiate so anyhow I have to conclude the GD  to have an edge over others as a result of which when they said that you all have last two minutes, come to a conclusion, I took up the call and that definitely created the difference.

PI - Here they do not check your knowledge that you have already shown in your written exam. What they see are your confidence and patience. Whatever they ask you, answer it with a confidence.
If they ask u a quality of yours which should insist them in selecting you, whatever quality you say, be ready to prove it practically as happened in my case. They just check what you do in surprising situations. One more thing I would like to add here is that always keep a smile on your face.This I am saying because in the last they said that do you know you have a good quality which we noticed and that is being cheerful.

Finally, I would say I had a short journey of one year which I enjoyed thoroughly. As what I learned in this span of time will be there with me in my whole life ahead. I learned how to overcome failures and how to learn from your failures. I would thank the Almighty God and my guruji whose blessings made me taste the success in such a short span of time. Apart from my brother, I would thank my parents and one special person i.e my Chachaji who always motivated me throughout my journey, without him this would be a farfetched dream.

Last but not the least bankers adda, you really played a great role in my success.

ALL THE BEST to the future aspirants.

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