“Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete”: Amrendra Kumar (IBPS RRB PO)

“Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete”: Amrendra Kumar (IBPS RRB PO)

My name is Amrendra Kumar. I have been preparing for banking examinations for last 4 years while working in private companies. I gave several exams and here are some of my failures.

IBPS PO 2014- Missed by 3 marks in Final List.
IBPS RRB PO 2014- Couldn’t clear mains.
IBPS PO 2015- Failed in mains.
IBPS PO 2016- Missed by 6 marks in Final List.
IBPS RRB PO 2016- Couldn’t clear mains.
IBPS RRB PO 2017- Allotted Allahabad UP Gramin Bank.

The list doesn’t end here. IPPB, LIC AAO, NICL, NIACL, etc. are some additional failures. I understand that it’s hard to accept failure by some marks, however, we need to work on those mistakes which led us there.

After completing graduation, I started my career in a BPO. I changed companies in regular intervals like 1 or 1 and ½ years. It’s too hard to manage studies while working; still I had to manage everything. My friend told me, everyone has 24 hours a day, either it’s Ambani or you. It’s upto you, how you manage yours. I studied 2-3 hours a day. On weekends, I gave 6-7 hours. I quitted job for some time to prepare as well, but it didn’t work as well. Then I decided to manage my preparations while working. I got Job in MNC with handsome salary. This made me feel relaxed and then I started preparing again.

I took online test series everyday. Again 2-3 hours of preparation for prelims and same for mains, however, for Current affairs, I used my cellphone to stay updated. I used to study through it while working as well. I chose Hindi Language in Mains and scored good.

For interview, I prepared through videos on Youtube and Capsule. In interview, the interviewer in fact appreciated me for preparing while working and changing jobs frequently. I changed 5 companies within 5 years to fulfill my financial needs in a metro city. He told me, you are smart; many people waste their time in preparations after completing B.Tech. He told me, rather than wasting your time, you chose a job. Doesn’t matter it is related to your Educational background or not. Then everyone appreciated me. My interview was good. At last they said, you did good.
I got 82 marks in Interview.

Friends, being an average candidate, I understood my ability, capitalized my strengths and got the result. One thing I always kept in mind, I have to do it. Whenever I got time, I tried to encash my those 24 Hours. Don’t loose hope, one day you’ll be here.
All the Best!!

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