Can You Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for Bank and SSC Together?

Dear Aspirants,

Bank and SSC Exams are two great opportunities for government job seekers. Many students tend to appear for both exams so as to land into a government job. If you are willing to prepare for both these exams together, you need to be very sure that it will require a lot of dedication and serious hard work. Quantitative aptitude is a common subject for both these exams and needs to be prepared with serious dedication. The biggest difference between SSC and Bank Quant is that of Advanced Mathematics. SSC requires conceptual knowledge of  Advanced Mathematics, whereas it is not so in Bank Exams.   

To prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for both these exams together, the most important thing is to know about the pattern and the syllabus for these exams. The pattern of these two examinations is quite different. Also, there are various similarities and differences between the type of questions asked in both these exams. Quantitative aptitude for bank exams includes topics like simplification and approximation, number series, inequality, profit and loss, average, ratio and proportion, speed, distance and time, time and work, probability, pipes and cisterns, simple and compound interest and permutation and combination and data interpretation. Data Interpretation is a very important topic for these exams.  The questions asked are mostly calculative and you have to be fast and accurate while solving the paper.You have to get the solution as fast as possible so you will have to learn various tricks to solve the questions fast.

On the other hand, syllabus for SSC Quantitative aptitude includes percentage, ratio and proportion, problems on ages, speed, time and distance, average, number series, number system, time and work, mixture and allegation, data interpretation. When coming to Advanced Mathematics, topics like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry form a very important part in SSC. These topics are not important for Bank Exams but you need to have a thorough knowledge of these exams for SSC. So you need to prepare these really well apart from the topics common in both Exams. You have to be clear with all the concepts very well.

SSC Bank
Data Interpretation Easy to Moderate Difficult level questions
Trigonometry Difficult level, requires thorough knowledge Not Needed
Algebra Moderate to Difficult Easy to Moderate
Geometry (Line and Angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals) Difficult level questions and require a clear knowledge of concepts 1-2 Q's
Coordinate Geometry Requires thorough knowledge of 2D and 3D figures, level is moderate to difficult Not Needed
Data Sufficiency Not Needed Needs Good Practice

To prepare for these together, first of all prepare the topics which are common in both these exams. Most of the topics are common for both these exams so first prepare these well. Next go to the topics which are different for both these exams and prepare those well. The level of questions has been increasing for both these exams so you will have to prepare all levels of difficulty of these questions. Practice mock tests for both these exams so that you become well aware about the questions and pattern of the exam. You can practice from ADDA247 TEST SERIES as we provide the latest pattern-based questions with detailed solutions to help you get through all the hurdles in exam. 

Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong. 

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